Pastor Abraham Topno, had been ministering with “Fellowship Church”, Jharkhand. Pastor was allegedly murdered by Maoist , last night, 01 May 2018.

Pastor Topno was a very well known and prominent Christian in the community. On 01st May, around 8.00 pm, he was proceeding to his brother’s house which was around 10 km away from his home. His driver, Ranga Singh Munda was with him.

As they were passing through Belgara village, Maoist, stopped the vehicle. They forcibly took Pastor Topno out of the vehicle and fatally shot &  stabbed him to death. The Driver was let off.

Pastor’s vehicle was set on fire and completely destroyed.

Pastor is survived by his wife. As they had no children of their own, Pastor had adopted his nephew Aman Christo.

Both Bro. Aman Christo and Pastor Nuas Mundu, spoke to Persecution Relief to confirm the incident.

Police are investigating.


2018 Persecution Relief News

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  1. भारत में सुसमाचार विस्फोट का समय शुरू हो चुका है।

  2. Abraham Topno was one of my best friend and he studied with us in CIBC , Itarsi. Very good person with good moral character ,energetic disciple of Jesus Christ

  3. Hi, can you tell me please in which district of Jharkhand this incident hsppend? Jharkhand is a big state. In one place you wrote murderers were religious fundamentalists and another place wrote they were religious fanatics/Maoists.
    We are praying for grieving families. May God fill them with his peace

    1. Hi! I am a pastor from jharkhand. Plz send me your whatsapp number for complete details. Mine is 9534174373.

  4. He was a faithful and great army of Christ. Who gave his for the soil of Jharkhand, you I salute your sacrificed, I am
    writing with fears

  5. Servants of Christ are persecuted or killed in forefront. Praise God for such brave men and women. Praying.

  6. Those who are persecuted are blessed and their reward from God will be great. As always praying for the northeast and north Indian ministry. May God give them more strength, courage and fill them with mighty Holy Spirit to do the ministry.

  7. As an european was born christian in a christian land. I took everything for granted … Nobody persecuted me for my belief. I have heard from history that christians were persecuted at the beginning by the romans. Really nobody think today in Europe that the same thing continue. That there are christians persecuted … We do not want to hear. Sorry for the sufference of my christians brother and sister. I will try to pray and to open my soul. Only Jesus is our hope , may He bless you and protect you all. Amin !

  8. Plz every one pray strongly……why its happening in india only to christian ….i think again india will be under british rule and will loose its independence if christian are persecuted…..

    1. It hurts a lot when I hear such happenings to brotheren.
      Respected Francy in CHRIST, Sorry to say, but Britishers are not our Saviour but JESUS is. Rely on CHRIST JESUS. Do not seek security in human being, but in JESUS CHRIST.

  9. This is a very sad incident in the history of Secular India. Prime Minister Modi’s motto did not match his word, “Saab ka saat saab ka vikash” but turned into “saab ka saat mera bakwas”.
    My prayer for the bereaved family.

  10. Nothing is hidden before our LORD JESUS CHRIST/GOD ALMIGHTY! Everything is exposed to Him. And one day everything will be revealed to the world by GOD and no one can be escaped from the Righteous Throne of God Almighty! Amen! Amen!
    May God give peace and security to the grieving family.

  11. It is really a very sad news that a Pastor was waylaid and killed brutally. Praying for his family and Church at this very hour. Need to know further how Driver was spared and who were the real Killer. May the Lord Jesus be glorified in all and all in bringing Justice to whom it is due.

    OJ Metei

  12. Very disheartening incident…praying Jesus for the consolation of pastor’s wife and family members….also praying God to instill fear in the hearts of those who dare touch God’s people

  13. Psalms 2 says Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his anointed. He who sits in the heavens laughs. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    True Christian need not fear the present times or the days to come. In order to be prepared we need to spend our time getting closer to Christ and away from the tempting world. Our faith in Him must be stronger then our belief in a new world order. Our fear of Him greater than the fear of men.

    As God’s messengers we are to proclaim the coming kingdom of Christ, not the coming kingdom of the world.

    When Peter looked at Christ he could walk on water. When his eyes started starring at the stormy waters underneath him he started to sink. (Matt.14: 28-31). Look at Jesus in these times. Let’s continue to lift Christ up before the eyes of men, so they see how powerful He is, and so that the powerful men on this earth appear weak and small in comparison.
    Arise and build your fortresses. Strengthen the weak , bow down in prayer. Remember God is in control.

  14. Killers should stop killing in the name of religion. And people should stop publicising their religion and converting people

  15. Feel so sorry, It’s an honor to be martyred for JESUS CHRIST! Praying for bereaved family.

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