Notice from administration to close down Church, Tamil Nadu

Pastor K. Selvam has been ministering at Kavindapadi is located in the Erode District of Tamil Nadu, for over 5 years with “Jesus Never Fails Ministries”. Around 90 faithful gather every Sunday to worship at this Church.

Persecution Relief received a call from Pastor Selvam stating that he was informed by the Police, based on a complaint received, that a “Notice” was served by the government to close down the Churches. Pastor’s Church at Kavindapadi along with 4 other churches at Vijayamangalam, in Erode, apparently do not have the required permissions to function. The complaint was lodged by religious fundamentalists, sources said.

The religious hardliners are deliberately making it difficult for Christians to practice their faith. Local fanatics strategically identify house churches, passing on information to the administration, who then issue the notice to shut them down, though located on a private property.

Their scare tactics have created such a sense of fear among Christians in the region that many are becoming worried that they will not be allowed to practice their faith at all.

This comes at a time when there is a growing climate of intolerance in India against Christians. Indian Christians have witnessed the killing of a pastor, the vandalism of churches and brutal assaults against Christians – to name a few of the incidents happening across India. Now, the targeting of Churches can be added to the long list of discriminations that Christians are facing.

Tamil Nadu is the worst state as far as attacks on house Churches on private properties are concerned.

Church, please pray for India.



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