Mother and Son brutally beaten for attending Church service, Chattisgarh

Mother and Son brutally beaten for attending Church service, Chattisgarh 

After Sunday Worship on 23 September, Sis. Pramila Bai Bhargav and her son Umesh Bhargav reached home. After a while, they were called out by some religious fanatics, who physically assaulted and brutally beat them, asking them to forsake Jesus Christ.

Around 10 Christian families live in the village Ghanapara in Takhatpur Tehsil of Bilaspur District, Chattisgarh. Most of these Christian families have been discriminated and boycotted from all social activities in the village. They have been under unimaginable pressure and duress from local religious fanatics, making daily life very difficult, coercing them to come back to their original faith of Hinduism.

These families gather together in a believer’s house for worship. On Wednesday, 12th September, the anti-Christian villagers, harassed and extensively troubled the believers and prevented them for gathering together for their usual prayer meeting. They gave them an ultimatum, warning them that if they did not stop praying to Jesus Christ or worshipping or using musical instruments, they would burn their homes.

Speaking to Persecution Relief on Toll Free Number – 1800-1234-462, Pastor Dinesh Maddad, In-Charge of the ministry in that area, informed about the entire incident.

He stated and he had gone the same night to the Police Station along with his wife and the believers who were beaten. However, the Police were unsympathetic and refused to accept their application. They were biased, favoring the persecutors and made baseless charges and allegations against Pastor Dinesh.

Disappointed with the response of the Police, local Christian Leaders, Rev. N. R. Barde who heads the ministry, Mr. Pannalal and other members, met with Senior Police Officials, who assured of a fair investigation and assistance.

In an unusual turn of events, 25th September, a complaint was lodged against the persecuted belivers by the same harassing religious fanatics – a case of the victim becoming the accused!

As this story was going to press, Police were quick to respond by calling the Christians to the Police Station, and trying to negotiate a compromise between both parties.

The Believers were made to wait for hours at the Koni Police station, Bilaspur, before the officials met with them.

Church Pray for the believers that God may grant them power to sustain and forgive their Persecutors.

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