Mob of Hindu Radicals Strip, Beat Nuns, Destroy Catholic School in India

Mob of Hindu Radicals Strip, Beat Nuns, Destroy Catholic School in India


2 Apr 2019 2:46

A mob of some 200 Hindu radicals demolished a Catholic school in Tamil Nadu this past week and stripped some of the nuns who teach there, attempting to strangle them with their rosaries.

The mob, consisting of members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an ultra-nationalist Hindu paramilitary group, turned the school’s chapel upside down, beheading and toppling a statue of the Virgin Mary and savaging the altar with a pickaxe.

No part of the school building was spared, as the activists devastated classrooms, smashed desks and windows, and wreaked havoc on the auditorium. Four of the nuns and two other school staff members were hospitalized for injuries after the attack.

A recent report found that hate crimes and targeted violence against Christians had jumped by 57 percent in India during the first two months of 2019 as compared with the same period in 2018.

During January and February, 77 incidents of “hate and targeted violence against Christians” were documented in India as compared with the 49 cases recorded during the same period last year, according to the Religious Liberty Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI).

According to Sister Mary Asir, the provincial superior of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who run the now-devastated Little Flower Higher Secondary School in Chinnasalem, “It is evident that the violence unleashed against the school and the destruction inflicted was premeditated and organized.”

“The criminals wanted to hit the nuns,” she said.

In a statement, Sr. Asir said that the institute was founded 74 years ago to educate children of poor families. Presently, 2,150 students are enrolled in the school, of whom 117 are very poor girls from neighboring villages who are housed as boarders at the school.

The event sparking the violence was the recent suicide of a 15-year-old girl named Poongulazhi, a student of the school’s 10th grade class, although some observers have suggested that the nationalists were just looking for an excuse to strike the Catholic school.

The damage suffered by the school amounts to some 130 thousand euros, according to estimates. Despite the fact that the school is located near the local police station, no police action has yet been taken.

The Council of Tamil Nadu bishops has condemned the incident and has appealed to the government to immediately launch an investigation, take action against the guilty, and protect the sisters and school.

“It is really painful and shocking that after carrying out murderous attacks on persons and causing deliberate destruction to the properties, the gangsters came along with the police to demand enhanced compensation which is not justifiable. It is a very cruel act which expresses their violent mindset,” said Sr. Asir.

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9 thoughts on “Mob of Hindu Radicals Strip, Beat Nuns, Destroy Catholic School in India”

  1. This type of persecution has not seen under the Congress rule.
    Why such type of atrocities happening now is the government sleeping or are they encouraging such incidents. Does anyone has an answer.
    However dont worry our God is in control he will take care. Just pray that God may bless all who are involved directly or indirectly in such indecent behavior and manifestations of there evil deeds.

  2. A new freedom struggle in India after independence. Let up hope and pray that people will choose the right prototype govern in the coming election. Pray earnestly for strengthening the hands of secular forces.

  3. Local body comprising of like minded Hindus, Muslims and Christians need to come together and identify the cause of the problem and sources of such conducive situations.

    Then together they need to complain to the to the Police.

  4. Certain parts of the country has become insecure for Christians in the Modi period and these cases are not well handled by the government. There is truly a very great discrimination towards the Christians. Globally people are observing the situation and this will surely make a great negative effect on the Modi Govt.

  5. Getting Persecuted for your Faith is the Hallmark of Christianity.



  6. Democratic country facing injustice for the minorities, how disgusting and shameful act by the people who benefited by the school. This is happening in Tamil nadu where periyar born.

  7. Silent observers are equally quilty of such heinous crimes. Yes, God does exist, but we the onlookers are given an opportunity by the Almighty to respond with human dignity against these dastardly acts by taking recourse to the law of the land. Specially shame on those who have benefited from this educational institution n not been responsible enough to arise to the need of the hour

  8. Dear Fr Thomas D William
    Please put the Official FIR online or to my email address ( for us to ascertain certain truth about the authenticity of your social messages against Hindus.

    Please remember your Cardinal had to surrender a written apology to the Government of India for the hate speech’s given by two of your Archbishops.
    If you too spread concocted hate speech’s in your social media then no wonder you will face “Ethnic Cleansing”
    We at first hand strongly object to your hate speeches against Hindus in India

    1. This is not the hate speech man. This is happening in all over India. And we are not against the people who are Hindus. But, those who ruin the peace of this country like RSS. Why are you getting anger because you from RSS? DON’T WORRY SOON YOU WILL BE PUNISHED AS PER GODS. You will know the power of God in this election.

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