Mob attack ‘Fasting & Prayer’ meeting, Madhya Pradesh

Mob attack ‘Fasting & Prayer’ meeting, Madhya Pradesh

Fasting and Prayer was being observed for the past 3 days during the ‘holy week’ at Anugrah Aradhana Bhawan in Sanwar, which was built by Pastor Karan on his own land.  It is around 27 km’s away from District headquarter Indore, in Madhya Pradesh.

On Friday, 19th April, the 3rd day of the Fasting and Prayer” was in progress and Pastor Karan Singh, the local Pastor was sharing the Word from the Bible.

Suddenly, the shrill ring of the phone, broke the peace and solemn atmosphere of the Church. Taking offence to the ringing of the phone in the house of God, Pastor Karan asked Bharat, to take the call outside the Church hall and not disturb the congregation.

Embarrassed to have forgotten to put his phone on silent, Bharat quickly exited the Church Hall. However, Bharat did not return.

What unfolded a few minutes later was unbelievable.

As Bharat stepped outside the Church to attend the call, around 4 unidentified religious fanatics ambushed and beat him up. Accompanying them was a media crew who were covering the proceedings. As the fanatics kept beating, intimidating and terrorizing Bharat, they forcedhim to confess while they were recording the confrontation, which allegedly was being live streamed on a local Television Channel!

They strong-armed him to say, on Camera, that he was forced to remove the ‘tikka” (vermillion powder) and the religious threads that were tied on his hands by the Pastor of the Church, in an attempt to tarnish the Pastor’s image.Bharat had been attending worship service at Pastor Karan’s Church since December 2018.

Hearing the commotion, Pastor’s wife took cognizance of the happenings and alerted the Pastor.

Later, this group of men, contacted another group and soon, a mob of around 20-men, gate-crashed into the Church building, shouting slogans. Pastor Karan quickly called Sanwar Police Station, who rushed a jeep full of Policemen to the Church.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Karan mentioned that the Police rounded up the fanatics and forced them to leave the Church building. They threatened stringent action against them, as Elections were approaching and the “Code of Conduct” was applicable.

I just forgave them in the name of Jesus” added Pastor.

“As we were fasting and praying, I never wanted to take any action as Bible says “the battle belongs to the Lordand without His knowing, nothing happens. He is the righteous judge and I leave everything into the Lord’s hands”.

Church, continue to pray for safety of Pastor Karan, his family and the congregation. Pray also for Bharat, that he might not be used as a “pawn” but truly come to encounter the living God.

Persecution Relief recorded 477 incidents of persecution in India, with 24 incidents recorded in Madhya Pradesh, the 5th most hostile state in India.

In 2019, in the last 3 months, 4 incidents of persecution have been recorded in Madhya Pradesh so far.

Freedom of religion is our Constitutional right and every citizen of India has the right to choose, to profess, practice and propagate the faith of one’s choice, enshrined in Article 25 of the Constitution

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