Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan Asked to Leave State

Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan Asked to Leave State

Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan Asked to Leave State
May 31

A day after former Kerala BJP leader Kummanam Rajasekharan was sworn in as the Governor of Mizoram, People’s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram (PRISM), the anti-corruption watchdog turned political party, on Wednesday asked him to leave Mizoram “as there is apprehension” over his alleged anti-secular activities in his home state Kerala.

PRISM on Wednesday wrote to Mizoram Kohran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), a conglomerate of 13 major churches in Mizoram, all political parties and civil society organizations appealing them to oppose Rajasekharan, to whom PRISM called as anti-secular governor, “to ensure freedom of religion in the State”. PRISM also asked them to take measures to make the Governor leave Mizoram at the earliest.

In its letter of appeal, PRISM alleged that Rajasekharan is well known for his anti-secularism that goes against the Constitution of India.

“He (Rajasekharan) has been a hard core member of RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Aikya Vedi, well known for his anti-Christian missionaries and Christians activities,” the PRISM letter said. The party also alleged that Rajasekharan was the general convener of Nilakkal Action Council and was “directly instrumental” in the Nilakkal Hindu-Christian conflict of 1983. PRISM further alleged that the newly inducted Governor was one of the key accused when American Christian missionary Joseph Cooper was attacked and injured, and was actively involved in an attempt to drive out about 50 Christian missionaries from Kerala in 2003.

“Taking exception to former Kerala chief secretary Thomson’s speech on evangelization on the occasion of bicentenary celebration of Malankara Orthodox Church in 2015, Rajasekharan also asked the State Governor to take action against the Chief Secretary, which clearly shows his ant-Christian feeling,” PRISM alleged.

Rajasekharan was sworn in as the Governor of Mizoram on Tuesday. The new Governor had earlier told media that he was inspired to come to Mizoram and take a golden opportunity to serve the State as Governor.

“I will try my level best for the welfare and well being of the people of Mizoram. My main mission is to develop the State, promote education, trade and commerce besides agriculture,” he had said on Tuesday.


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8 thoughts on “Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan Asked to Leave State”

  1. The Governor has a solid tract record in anti-Christian works; and the records are open proof that he is a typical radical RSS soldier. Do remember like yesterday, when the Mr. Thomas, the Chief Secretary of Kerala delivered a speech at his own Church, the Orthodox Church that the main role of the Church should be evangelism. How Kummanam can appeal to the State Governor to take actions against the Chief Secretary for telling the commission of the Church? Pastor David read from the Bible, Psalms 23 to the Governor. Can Governor take any action against Pastor David? Let him try and learn his lesson at Mizoram.

  2. Great news. Im so happy to know that there are sensible people and organisations in India, who react so. Kudos PRISM! Kudos Mizoram! We Indians should always stick to our constituion which gives us the freedom and rights. Hope there wohld be such peaceful movements and reactions everywhere, always!

  3. Peaceful reactions to anti constitutional moves must be learned and implemented by Christians all over India. Do we need to be the majority as of Mizo Christians to come to the forefront ?

  4. We need to watch his action as Governor. Governor Is a father figure for state. Need to see his action if it is against constitution and and ppl of mizo then must be acted…

  5. As he is appointed as governor of Mizoram Christian majority state of India.Hope he will work in the interest of state.Let him come to Know the true God in his tenure in Mizoram.

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