Missionaries Threatened by a Mob with Guns in Gaya, Bihar

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Missionaries Threatened by a Mob with Guns in Gaya, Bihar

GEMS missionary Bro. Dhiraj and his wife Sis. Ravita serve as a family at Fatehpur, Bihar (Magahi 2 Zone, Eastern Region). They are continuously threatened by fanatic groups.

Bro. Dhiraj serves as a missionary at GEMS Church in Fatehpur, Gaya District in Bihar. On 27th July 2021 two people came to the church and threatened the missionary that if he does not vacate and go away, they would kill him and that they would demolish the church. The next day, 28th July, also they came and the threatened Bro. Dhiraj.

In the afternoon of 29th July, they again came when Bro. Dhiraj was not at home and enquired about his whereabouts. They came again around 7 pm in the night with nearly 25-30 people. When Sis. Ravita did not open the door they began to climb the church and parsonage building and began to shout abusive words and threatened with sticks and guns. When she began to shout and called for help, the nearby villagers came hearing her voice. On seeing the villagers, the mob ran away.

Today, 31st July 2021, the missionary along with the Regional Director and other leaders met with the Mukhiya, the village headman. They also spoke to the police and tomorrow, 1st August they have been called to the police station at 11:00 AM to file a complaint.

Pray for the missionary family serving at Fatehpur, Bihar who are undergoing persecution.

Pray for them and the believers to be strong in the Lord and pray for their protection and for God’s work to continue.

Pray for the perpetrators; for their eyes to open to understand the truth of the gospel and to be touched and transformed by Lord Jesus Christ.

source : gemsbihar

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