Menacing fanatics pursuing Christians, Uttar Pradesh

Menacing fanatics pursuing Christians, Uttar Pradesh

In a scene, reminiscent of the Romans Soldiers hunting down Christians, strangers, driving in a car, pulled over on the highway, as Pastor Kuwar Singh was on his way back home.

“Do you know where Christians are worshipping in this area?”

Shocked and scared by their menacing looks and unexpected question, unsure of what would happen next, he muttered – “No, I don’t know. Why? What has happened?”

“We are looking for them”, he responded, as the car disappeared into the night. Following the car, was a Policeman, on a motor-bike.

The only indication of the persons ‘looking for Christians’, was the Poster on the rear window that read “PANDEY SENA.

Frightened and not knowing what to do, Pastor Kuwar Singh called Persecution relief, to narrate the incident. He recalled that his Church had also been attacked in August.

He added that another local Pastor who was arrested, had his mobile phone confiscated by the Police. More than 5 Pastors listed under contacts on his telephone were attacked by fanatics, their premises searched, bibles destroyed and detained by the Police indefinitely.

Church, continue to lift up Uttar Pradesh in your prayers as there is a huge upsurge of attacks against Christians in that State.

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