MDD Bal Bhavan Orphanage, Haryana

MDD Bal Bhavan Orphanage, Haryana

Credit – VoTC Correspondent

MDD Bal Bhavan Orphanage, Rajeevpuram, Fughat Road, Karnal, Haryana, is facing imminent threat of closure for the simple fact that the organization is founded on Christian principles. This Orphanage is being run by Bro. P. R. Nath, who was originally from the state of Kerala, but made Karnal, Haryana his home. God put a burden in his heart, to start a home for the orphans and mentally challenged children, unwanted by society. It is here that he spent his life serving the children, along with this wife and his own three children, who lived on the premises.

Recently, a complaint lodged with the Police against Bro. Nath, calling for an investigation into alleged conversion activities going on at the orphanage. The Police withdrew their investigation confirming that there was no truth in the matter. However, people with vested interests have lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister’s office. They have also engaged with impunity, an anti-Christian propaganda, printing around 30,000 flyers with damaging and slandering misinformation against Bro. Nath and the orphanage. This was widely circulated in the local daily newspapers.

As per the new guidelines by CWC, when a child attains the age of 18 years, he or she must be handed back to a relative. Based on this new rule, 10 children were sent home to their relatives. These persecutors met the relatives and convinced them that the children were sent back home because they were unwilling to become Christians and used this pretext as alleged grounds for conversion activities. 

However, when Bro. Nath met these relatives they claimed ignorance of this matter. In fact, the student Sagar who apparently made these false claims, has declared no knowledge of this propaganda.

The root cause of the problem is with a set of disgruntled Office bearers with vested interests, who were part of the managing body of MDD, but were unsuccessful in securing key positions during the recent elections. Therefore, they are intent on maligning and causing as much damage to ensure that the Orphanage is shut down. 

Church, please pray that these vested interests do not succeed in destroying what has been instituted, to achieve their own ends. 

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