Man of God Threatened with punishment for praying with family at Home, Uttar Pradesh

Man of God Threatened with punishment for praying with family at Home, Uttar Pradesh 

A Christian man and his family in Uttar Pradesh have received a strict warning from Police authorities stating that his family “must not conduct any Christian prayer meeting” in their home, such as a Bible study or family prayers, failing which, “stringent action” will be taken against him.

In an attempt to intimidate and upset Pastor Shriram, Police vehicles with “Dial 100”, from the local Police Station, were dispatched to his residence, following alleged complaints made by local villagers, of prayer meetings being held in his residence.

Pastor Shriram ministers at a House Church at Samodha village, located in Lalganj Tehsil of Rae Bareli district in Uttar Pradesh, India. Around 50 belivers gather for worship every Friday. 

However, since the past few days, the “Dial 100” Police vehicles with Police personnel, are dispatched to Pastor’s house. As Pastor was away from home during those times, they pass on the message to the family members:

“Tell your father that no more prayer meetings should take place here. If he continues with this, inform him that we will book him under serious charges and he will be locked up in jail for his lifetime”

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Shriram mentioned that he has never received any complaints from the neighbours or Administration officials in the past. He hadbeen praying peacefully in his house for 2 years and had never faced such animosity and aggression.

While the Police officials acknowledge that the law in India provides for religious freedom, they admit that they are under pressure by some people.

The village fanatics are targeting my brother Ram Raj also.

Pastor Pradeep Kumar was the first to call Persecution Relief and inform about Pastor Shriram

Christian persecution has steeply risen in Uttar Pradesh, in the last 7 months as per our records.

Church, please pray for the land of Uttar Pradesh, that the gospel will reach the end of the State. Pray for God’s protection and supernatural, amazing grace and favour over all the servants of God.

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  1. There are ways to deal with such personnel who threaten prayer in a house. Will the Police do the same in the homes of those who belong to other faiths also?
    We can talk to Police if we get the contact number

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