Man fakes insanity and accuses Pastor, Uttar Pradesh

Man fakes insanity and accuses Pastor, Uttar Pradesh

Persecution Relief Toll Free No: 1800-1234-461 received a call from Pastor Anil Kumar who narrated the below incident.

A man came into the Church, during Worship service, faked mental illness and accused the Pastor of casting a spell, causing his madness.
Pastor Anil Kumar and members of his Church (Jai Yesu Satsangh), meet at Bro. Ram Sudare’s residence, every Friday & Sunday to worship Jesus Christ. On 15th June , the meeting started as scheduled, when a man named Kamlesh, walked in. During the course of the worship service, he suddenly began to act in an abnormal way, creating a nuisance in the service. Later, while he was ushered out, he continued to act like a mentally deranged man.

The man’s father and the local villagers have alledged that Kamlesh had suddenly started acting in an abnormal way, only after he attended the Worship service conducted by Pastor Anil Kumar.

They have also used this opportunity to accused him of being involved in conversion activities.
The religious fanatics in the past has surrounded the house and kept Pastor and the entire congregation under house arrest for many hours..

Later, Pastor Anil went to Sahjanwa Police station in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. However, the Policemen were extremely biased and publicly ridiculed him.

They claimed to have also heard of reports of Pastor indulging in conversion activities and threatened that they would take strict action against him if any single villager testified against him.

Persecution Relief comforted, counselled and prayed with Pastor Anil.

Church, please remember to pray for Pastor Anil Kumar who covets your prayers.

Pray that God would bind all the unclean spirits that control the mind, will and emotions of Kamlesh, his father and all the accusers, and bring true healing and deliverance in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ, will be seen in the lives of Kamlesh, his father and the local villagers.



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