Madhya Pradesh government will withdraw the false cases of forced conversion.

Madhya Pradesh government will withdraw the false cases of forced conversion.

Speaking to Persecution Relief  Fr Anand  Muttugnal informed that, A delegation of Rashtriya Isai Maha Sangh (RIMS) members  met the  Law Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government, Mr. P C Sharma yesterday at his residence. RIMS demanded to withdraw all the false cases of forced conversion registered against Christians during the BJP rule in the state.

Father Dr. Anand Muttugnal said, “The Minister has agreed to withdraw the false cases of conversion slapped against Christians in M.P. We briefed him that the Bharatiya Janatha Party lead Government in Madhya Pradesh has persecuted Christians in the name of conversion to take revenge because they believe that Christians are supporters of the Congress Party.” He said even though many cases has been registered, not even one incident has been proved in the court of law. The B J P and other fundamental organizations believe that Christians and all those benefit from the works of the Christians too will support the Congress Party. So they used all means to stop Christian works in the state.”

RIMS’ spokesperson Richard James said, “ There has been about 264 cases in Madya Pradesh during the long 15 years of rule in the state. The fundamental organization supporting the B J P has taken help from the police and administration to persecute Christians working in the fields social work, education and religious activities. They have used power to defame Christians and stop the works done for the poor.”

  State Secretary in charge of RIMS Office Mohit Ratre said, “ we are writing letters to all the victims, office bearers of RIMS and in-charges of various Churches to help the victims to avail the benefits offered by the Government.”

The delegation included Bibit Babu, Mrs. Sonia Singh, Narjee Meda, Prince Salve, Blesson, B S Peter etc.                                                                                                                            


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