Let us die, Let us die!! We are being ostracized every day!

Let us die, Let us die!! We are being ostracized every day!

In Nagapattinam District, husband Thenkovan, wife Vasanthi, son Vasanthakovan, and son Samuel have been residing at the Kodandarajapuram village, near Thittacherry.

Several years ago, Thenkovan and his family have been practicing Christians, having left their original religion. However, they have suffered extreme ostracization and discrimination in the village on a daily basis.

On Saturday 22nd June 2019, when husband Thenkovan had gone out of station for work, the local villagers and religious fanatics chose to attack her family. It is alleged that they went to her home and attacked her family – beating her and her children, asking them to get out of the village.

Terrified of the violence meted out to her and her young children, Vasanthi rushed to ThittacherryPolice Station to lodge a complaint. But the belligerent Officers on duty, shouting at the top of their voices, humiliated and insulted Vasanthi and chased her away.

Helpless and outraged at the injustice, Vasanthialong with her 2 sons, staged a protest in front of the District Collector’s Office, at Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, threatening to immolate themselves.

She alleged that despite requests to the Police about the harassment of religious fanatics, Police had not taken any action so far. Vasanthi alleged that instead of investigating the charges, the Police were harassing her and her children.

Drawing attention to the discrimination and injustice meted out to the family by the local Police and the village fanatics, Police Officials rushed to their aid, pouring water to remove the kerosene and safeguard them.

Covering her face to avoid media attention, Vasanthi and her 2 sons were eventually taken to Nagoor Police Station to register their complaint.

Anti-Christian violence continues to sweep through the southern state of Tamil Nadu and a spike in persecution attacks.

Persecution Relief has recorded 67 incidents of religious persecution against christians in Tamil Nadu in 2018 – the 2nd hostile state following Uttar Pradesh.

In 2019, Tamil Nadu recorded 30 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians in just the past 5months.

 Source : tamil.oneindia.com

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