Khap panchayat diktats: 11 booked under SC/ST Act

Khap panchayat diktats: 11 booked under SC/ST Act

tnn | Nov 6, 2019, 04:25 IST

Madurai: The Samayanallur police on Monday booked 11 people under various Sections of the IPC and SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act on charges of holding a khap panchayat and issuing diktats to a man hailing from the Kattunayakkan community. The case was registered based on a complaint from M Arumugam, 45. According to police sources, there are 500 families belonging to the Kattunayakkan community living in Sathiyamoorthy Nagar. While 100 families follow Christianity, the remaining are Hindus. It was alleged that a section of Hindus had joined hands with one N S Mani from Oomachikulam and have been oppressing the other section for years.

According to the FIR, Mani had proclaimed himself as the honorary president of the village a few years ago with the support he was enjoying. He did not denounce it even after revenue officials ordered him to do so after conducting a peace meeting held some years ago, a police officer said.

Mani along with others had ostracized his family from the rest of the village for breaking the diktats issued by him, made him to prostrate in front of him and others and had threatened them to vote for the BJP in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Following the complaint, police booked Mani, R Alagarpandi, M K Murugan, R Sakthivel, M Mariappan, P Chinnaiya, S Arumugam, L Chinnasamy, K Palanisamy, Thangam and Venkadesh, all hailing from the Kattunayakkan community. It maybe recalled that this is second FIR registered against Mani in three months.

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