Joyful Christmas turned to sorrow by religious fanatics



Pastor Shailesh Laxman Gaddal has been ministering in Panvel city in Raigad district of Maharashtra, for the past 5 years.

As in the past, on the 25th of Dec. Pastor had organised a special meeting at a rented courtyard venue in Boisar, which is an industrial area in Palghar District of Maharashtra.
Around 300 people had congregated for this special occasion. At around 12 noon when the program was going on, a mob of religious fanatics stormed into the worship service, armed with lathis, and other weapons, raising pro-Hindutva slogans. They began to question the believers and the Pastor accusing them of being involved in conversion activities. Soon the mob turned hostile and the entire environment was filled with fear. “Without provocation” the mob started to beat the believers. Pastor was singled out and brutally beaten that his ear drum has ruptured. This entire assault was strangely videotaped by the perpetrators.

Most of the people who had gathered for prayer were migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, who ran away out of fear of confrontation.
Pastor Shailesh was rushed to the hospital emergency room and received further treatment for the badly damaged ear drum.
Church pray for this brave Pastor, who has suffered a severe and beating for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray also for the government, the local administration and the persecutors that they would have an encounter with the living God.

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11 thoughts on “Joyful Christmas turned to sorrow by religious fanatics”

  1. I am very disgusted and disappointed of What is happening in India especially to Christians
    What is PM Mr Modi doing ? Is he so busy travelling all over the world Does he know what is happening in his home country does he know how his citizens are being beaten and being tortured ?what security does the citizens have in India?every day we are reading the news and mostly the Christians are being victims of this cruel torture the churches are being broken the pastors can’t have any decorations that is being burnt by arsenic and Pastors being brutally beaten
    Looks like the hindutva samaj has turned their Hindutva group of guys into “PAALTU
    KUTHAAS” what a shame ?does the families of these mobs and fanatics know what kind of human torturers are these?
    Where is Mr PM Modi does he read/ hear the news

  2. Praying for the brave Gods servantand also for the conversion of those who are persecuting the church.Joyce Rita Anderson

  3. Wonder if the mainstream media is able to get all this information.. while praying is a must .. we must also take proactive steps..

  4. We are afraid to raise the issue with the media and to the government authorities. Why can’t we block the road to draw the attention of media and the government in such times.
    Let the explain what is conversion means?
    Do our constitutional freedom is collapsed?
    Are we not Indians?

  5. Church Pray earnestly bless them them that persecute you and let the Lord take control of the situation we as people need to be still in order to see his work.
    Specially those involved in tract distribution do it with his counsel. Do everything according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every day we are praying for the persecution ministry.

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