Joint Press conference in UK against Christian Persecution in India

Joint Press conference in UK against Christian Persecution in India

Overseas Christian Community of the United Kingdom, held a press conference highlighting  Christian Persecution in India.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Ajmal Chaughtai, Executive Member, mentioned that they were planning to have a protest with Placards and Banners, in front of the Parliament on April 18th, during the visit of Prime Minister Narrender Modi.


Our aim is to draw the attention of the Prime Minister, that Christians in the UK are also disappointed with what is happening in India.

Prime Minister of India should condemn and speak out about the widespread atrocities against innocent Christians & repeal the Anti Conversion Law.

Mr Tony Braich  a prominent Christian Leader said Prime Minister should ensure that the persecution against Christians should be stopped immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Joint Press conference in UK against Christian Persecution in India”

  1. How can government sponsored humiliation of other castes and religions be stopped by talking to the brazen leader of a facist regime.

  2. It has been observed in the past when Mr Modi was asked about persecution of Christian’s he replied that he was not aware of any persecution in India . What happens if he is going to say the same thing in U K.

  3. I think if Modi condemned about Christian persecution in India, it will escalate as in case of crimes against beef issue. It is Sangh Parivar’s agenda so shall continue.

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