Issued in Public interest by Persecution Relief In light of the recent serial blasts in neighbouring Sri Lanka

Issued in Public interest by Persecution Relief
In light of the recent serial blasts in neighbouring Sri Lanka, several States in India, have stepped up “permanent security arrangements and measures, in and around the worship/public places”.


1) All places of worship should install CCTV cameras, deploy private security guards/volunteers (both male and female), to keep a tab on visitors. All trees must be appropriately pruned not to cover CCTV cameras.

2) All religious organisations and places of worship should be in constant contact with the police authorities. Install a ‘Hotline” from the Church to the Police Station.

3) All Church’s if possible, should install Scanner and mandatorily use hand-held and door frame metal detectors.

4) Every “House Church” conducting Bible Study or ‘Church service’ at their homes should install CCTV cameras and inform the Police of their schedule and frequency of meeting

5) All kinds of baggage should be discouraged to Church except Holy Bibles. Do not allow unknown persons to drop or abandon bags, boxes, cartons or any wrapped or sealed containers around your premises. All bags must be scanned before entry.

6) Anything or any activity found suspicious in and around the Church/City, should be informed to the nearest police station. Maintain situational awareness of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention to activity happening around you in order to identify anything unusual.

7) Please have a check of who’s walking into the Church. Photo ID cards should be verified mandatorily.

8) Use one gate, instead of using multiple gates to the Church. Staff access should be strictly monitored and restricted.

9) Vehicles should be parked in the parking lot only. Draw the attention of the police or other security agencies to vehicles parked or abandoned by suspicious persons.

10) Instruct the Church to memorize important emergency phone numbers that can help you reach the police and other security agencies in times of emergency.


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