IPC Sunday Worship disrupted in Kerala

IPC Sunday Worship disrupted in Kerala 

This morning (17th June, 2018), during the Sunday Worship Service, at IPC Shalem, Haripad, Alapuzha, Kerala, India, couple of municipal officials came by and interrupted the worship Service. The neighbours had allegedly lodged a complaint about the ‘sound pollution’.

The officials have called the Church leaders for a meeting tomorrow (18th June, 2018) between 3.00 & 4.00 pm.

Pastor K G Punnoose, 66 years of age, is the local Pastor of Indian Pentecostal Church of God [IPC] and is ministering there since last 7 weeks and around 12 believers attend the worship service. 

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor said, “We are just 12 members and we always close the doors and windows during our worship services on Friday & Sunday. We are careful and keep noise levels to a reasonable minimum”.

Kerala is witnessing an increased number of similar incidents in different parts.

Pastor has  requested your valuable prayers for a favourable outcome in tomorrow’s meeting.

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5 thoughts on “IPC Sunday Worship disrupted in Kerala”

  1. I think uncontrolled use/misuse of high volume loud speakers is the reason for the sound pollution. If jesus were here, he would not allow breaking anybody,s ear with sound. I’m also a Pentecostal.

    1. I agree fully. We need to be careful how we present ourselves as leaven, salt and light in our world. I too would complain if a church nearby disturbed the peace of the community with high decibel noise, worship time or otherwise.

  2. I am not sure if this is to be called persecution! Please, do not confuse someone complaining with noise about real opposition because we take a stand for the truth of the gospel.

    1. It’s a false allegation, Pastoe said very clearly that all the doors and windows are closed during worship services

  3. Closed doors and windows does not mean noise is under control.

    IPC should keep a check on noise levels in all their gatherings.

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