IPC – NR (Northern Region) Pastor & Son arrested

Pastor Anil Masih and his son Rahul, were arrested on charges of indulging in conversion activities, when in fact, they were having a prayer meeting at a Christians home.

Pastor Anil Masih has been with IPC – NR Northern Region, ministering in Sultanpur, New Delhi for more than 10 years, where more than 250 believers gather.

On 15th, Pastor Masih along with his son Rahul left for a prayer meeting at Anupshahar village, District of Bulandshahr, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The meeting was well attended. As the meeting was getting to a close, 5 Police men along with a mob of fanatics barged into the house and demanded that the meeting be stopped. Subsequently, Pastor Anil and his son were forcibly taken to the Police Station and held on conversion charges. They were detained in the Police Station from 15th to the 16th afternoon. Intervention and pressure from Persecution Relief along with various other Christian organisation, finally saw them released on the 16th afternoon.

Across India, scores of Christians are detained in Police Stations without legitimate reasons. They are imprisoned with murderers and rapists and treated in the same level as common criminals.

Church, please remember to uphold men of God who work in the hard terrains of India. Pray that God will cover them under the shadow of His wings and give them grace to stand unshakable for the gospel.



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  1. Lord let Thy nail pierced hand deliver our brothers from the clutches of the gospel enemies. We pray for their safety and release in Jesus name Amen.

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