IPC Church Building work stopped forcefully, Rajasthan

Bro. Anil Garasiya, resides at Sallopat is a Village in Bagidora Tehsil in Banswara District of Rajasthan State. He donated around 5000 sq. ft. of land to the Church, to build a Church Hall. The land was registered in the name Pastor John, Secretary IPC Church, Rajasthan.

Construction work for the Church Hall commenced 2 months back. While the work was in progress, religious fanatics with the help of local villagers and the Police, have tried to stop the work multiple times. Somehow, by the grace of God, the walls were erected and work was progressing, slowly but steadily.
Recently, the Police, armed with a ‘Stop Order ’from the Tehsildar have yet again stopped the work. Apparently, because the neighbors have apparently lodged a complaint. The Land was originally an agricultural land but later, “diversion’’ was made to make it residential. All necessary permissions and approvals had been secured before the work commenced.

Nevertheless, Bro. Anil and his father had been summoned to the Sub Divisional Magistrate (S.D.M.) court and the work stopped.

Separately, around 18 months ago, the neighbors have filed a complaint with Police that Bro. Anil had broken an idol which was placed next to their house. Bro. Anil claims he had nothing to do with the breaking of idol. Children playing in the area had noticed the fallen idol and informed the owner of the house, who allegedly accused Bro. Anil with the incident.

Several conspiracy theories have come up including the involvement of a local Advocate who are instrumental in manipulating situations and shutting down Churches.

Pastor John Devasiya, IPC Secretary Rajasthan State, called Persecution Relief, to inform about this incident. Persecution Relief counselled him and have extended support with judicial help.

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