Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted
12 February 2024


Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34


Jesus prayed for the forgiveness of the Jews who persecuted Him. He said these words for us to follow in His footsteps. He represented unconditional love by uttering these words. People who persecute us would see Jesus in us if we reflected Him in our lives. Let us love them, as they are also human beings who have not yet experienced God’s love. We too were once like them, but God chose us by His grace. Remembering this, let us pray for God to forgive them.

Can we willingly forgive our persecutors?

Let us pray every day that God gives us the power to forget the persecutions we have faced and to forgive our persecutors.

There are so many people persecuted all around you for their faith in Christ. In order for them to continue serving the Lord, would you mind forwarding this Daily Manna, so that they may fulfil the calling in their lives?

If you’re blessed by this message, write to us. Also, if you need Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted on a daily basis, send us your name, district, phone number and preferred language to +91 9993200020.

Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief

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