Innovative ways of persecution, Hyderabad

Innovative ways of persecution

Persecution Relief mails out over 1000’s of Voice of the Christians Magazine, every month to our subscribers.

This month, we received a strange complaint from one of our members of the Persecution Relief Family.

Sister Ebenezer from Hyderabad, had subscribed to our monthly magazine which was mailed to her verified address.  Sister contacted our Office to inform that the package was tampered. It appears that religious fanatics who tampered with the package, removed the Christian magazine and replaced it with a religious magazine about Ayodhya.


Pathey Kan

Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti

By the

Collective Announcement by All the saints of every religious groups who were born in India 

धर्मादेb – Commandment

Ram Mandir to be built in Ayodhya at the earliest 

 While Persecution against Christians has exponentially increased, Christ haters are inventing new ways and fraudulent ways to persecute us.

We must tell these stories and pray for our persecutors. Let us pray that whoever was involved in this illegal activity – the Post Man or Sister’s neighbour or fanatics in the Post Office – be touched, changed and transformed, in Jesus name, as he reads the stories in the magazine.

While we apologize for the tampered mail, we are doing all we can to keep your deliveries safe and secure.

A complaint has been lodged with the Post Office.

Persecution Relief wishes to withhold personal information to protect the victims of Christian Persecution, hence names and places have been changed. Please know that the content and the presentation of views are the personal opinion of the persons involved and do not reflect those of Persecution Relief. Persecution Relief assumes no responsibility or liability for the same. All Media Articles posted on our website, are not edited by Persecution Relief and is reproduced as generated on the respective website. The views expressed are the Authors/Websites own. If you wish to acquire more information, please email us at: or reach us on WhatsApp: +91 9993200020

2 thoughts on “Innovative ways of persecution, Hyderabad”

  1. This shameful act typical of the Parivar fanatics; is far serious than what it looks since they have brought under their control even the Indian Postal Service to Do Whatever they Want.
    Has fascism travelled more than midway to strangulate the so called Democracy pin India !

  2. Yes dear Saints,
    But this is the Kingdom Year and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to reveal Himself to our beautiful country and its helpless people who have been badly deceived by the the forces of darkness. We need to pray and bind those evil spirits so that those people can be released. Pray for the persecutors to be transformed by the grace of God like Saul to Paul. This strategy will work.

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