Indian Martyrs of faith – 2016 on wards


Bro. Anant Ram Gand, Odisha: Bro. Anant Ram Gand, from Raigarh Tehsil, Nabarangapur District, Odisha was killed on 11th February 2019. Local villagers who opposed his conversion, falsely reported to Naxalites that family members were police informants against them, leading the Maoist rebels to kill him, the source said.

Anant Ram Gond, alias Tullu, was 40. He is survived by his wife Sis. Sukbati Gand (38 yrs) and 5 children – namely, Dhanomati Gand, 13 yrs (F), Purnima Gand, 11yrs (F), Purno Gand, 6 yrs (M), Hemobai Gand, 3 yrs (F), Kemiti Gand, 2 yrs (F).

Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, Jharkhand

Bro. Munglu Ram Nureti, Chhattisgarh:

Bro. Munglu Ram Nureti from Kohkameta village in Orchha Tehsil in Narayanpur District, Chattisgarh, was killed on 12th February 2019. Animist villagers were offended when Nureti’s family left their tribal beliefs and put their trust in Christ, and they had confronted him after his family began holding Sunday worship services and Friday gatherings in his house.

Religious fanatics and local villagers who were opposed to Bro. Munglu Ram Nureti reported to Naxalites that family members were police informants against them, leading the Naxal rebels to kill him. Nureti is survived by his wife and five children. Besides Dinesh and Divya, he fathered children who are now 19, 15 and 14 years old.

Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, Jharkhand

Bro. Sachdev Samrat: a 48-year old tribal Christain, was murdered in Bijapur District of Chhattisgarh State on 25th May, 2019.

Because of their opposition to his conversion, Naxalites believed he was a Police informer, leading the Maoist rebels to kill him, the source said.

Sahadev is survived by his young wife Rukdai (25 years), daughter Dipsika (4 years) and a 1-year old daughter. They belong to Halba Caste (ST).

Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, Jharkhand


Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, Jharkhand: Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, 46-years of age, is a very well-known and prominent Christian in the community.  He had been ministering in the area for more than 20 years, with “Fellowship Church”, Jharkhand. His beheaded body was found close to the isolated Kubasal village in Tamar-I, Tehsil of Ranchi district in Jharkhand, on 01 May 2018.

Even though it is the perception that Maoists killed him, it is significant to note that Pastor had received threats in the past, from local religious fundamental groups in the village because of this outspoken.

Pastor Abraham Tigga Topno, Jharkhand

Sis. Subbaravamma, Andhra Pradesh:  Sis. Chadarajupalli Subbaravamma, belonging to the Kummara tribe, around 65 years of age, and living in the village Bollapalli, Marturu Mandala, Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh, along with her 75-year-old husband, K. Jaya Ramaiah, her son Subharayadu and his wife. On 21st March, 2018, when Sister was praying on her terrace, the killer who used to made stone idols, trespassed into her house and attacked sister by beating her fatally on her head, multiple times until she collapsed.



Pastor Gideon, Tamil Nadu: On January 20th January 2018, a Pastor in Tamil Nadu was found murdered. It is alleged that Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy was brutally beaten and tortured before being murdered. His body was found hanging in the Church at Kovathur, on ECR Road, near Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, situated on the Coromandel Coast, 70 kilometers South of Chennai.


Pastor Sultan Masih, Punjab: Two men on a motorbike, shot dead a Pastor outside the “Temple of God” Church in Ludhiana, Punjab on 16th July 2017. His life began from very humble beginnings in a slum. He was pastoring “Temple of God”, one of the fastest growing churches in Ludhiana and was also running a school in the church. Masih was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.



Sis. Esther (Bharat ki Beti), Chhattisgarh: On 22nd July, at 9.00 am, 16-year old Esther (name changed), was raped and killed, as she walked back home from school. The girl usually returned at four or five in the evening, but when she wasn’t home even an hour later, the family grew worried. Around 6 pm, three meters from the road, they found her school bag. Her body was found half naked in the forest under Bayanar Police Station jurisdiction, district Kondagaon, in the state of Chhattisgarh. She had been intercepted by a group of men who gang raped and murdered. The cruel perpetrators even glued her eyes & lips together with Fevi Kwick!


Pastor Chamu Purty, Jharkhand: Pastor Chamu Purty was pastoring a small church in the village Sandigaon which is 13 kms off the main NH 75 this village. On 13th October, around 11:30 PM, around 10-12 people with arms knocked their mud house door seeking prayer.  Peeping through the small window, his wife, Sr. Sonamti Purty saw armed men standing outside. Reluctant to let her husband outside, Sr. shouted out that her husband had retired for the night. These irate men began to pound on the door and broke it open with axes and attacked the pastor. The Pastor was attacked and shot dead in cold blood. Sr. Sonamati and her son, who witnessed this nightmare, managed to flee in the cover of darkness and hid in the jungle through the night. Pastor Chamu Purty is survived by his wife Sonamati Purty and three daughters and a son.


Pastor David Lugun, Jharkhand: Pastor David Lugun of Jharkhand was shot 3 times and he was killed on the road just before his house. on 29th of July 2015. He was very effective in evangelism and in a very short time formed a house church with 7 families. Despite severe persecution, Pastor, his family and members of this Church, did not forsake Jesus. Several attempts at his life were made. Finally, on 29th July of 2015 by 7:00pm 3 men who were masked came on a motor-bike to Pr. David’s house with arms. They dragged him out on the road and fired 3 Bullets and killed him.


Pastor Yohan Mariah, Andhra Pradesh:Pastor Yohan Maria, lived in Yetapaka Village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Pr. Maria, who himself was once a Maoist, had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ and renounced his former life. His entire family and many others were transformed by this powerful witness and became disciples of Jesus Christ. However, his conversion efforts were not acceptable to the Maoist Leaders. His constant quote was “I live or die it doesn’t matter I will share the love of Jesus to all’. On 29th July, 2016, at around 2:30 am, Maoists dragged him to a nearby forest where they mercilessly beat him, beheaded him, and left him on the outskirts of the village. They left a note at the murder scene accusing him of being “a police informer” and “accumulating disproportionate wealth exploiting Tribals.” Pastor Yohan is survived by his wife & 4 children.


Pastor Gurumurthy Madi, Odisha: Pastor Gurumurthy Madi had served many needy people in Malkangiri, Odisha.  It was on the 10th of August 2016, when few men from the village came to their house in the wee hours looking for Guru as they needed to talk with him. Guru was away in the nearby villages spreading the Word to the thirsty. Guru never doubted the intention of the people seeking him as he was known in the province as a “Gospel Preacher” and the one who was available for any kind of help to the needy.  The next day, 11th August, 2016, the religious fanatics came looking for him again saying they needed to clarify few things. At night, at about 9 pm, they heard four-gun shots from the nearby forest surrounding the village. They found him, lying on ground bleeding from the wounds of the gunshots & the brutal, vicious beatings. Guru is survived by this wife Debe Madi and 2 children.


Pastor Abel Patadi Athram, Maharashtra: Pastor Abel Patadi Athram, from Gadhchiroli District, Medukulli, Maharashtra was fatally shot dead after a Christmas Worship service. Once a Naxalite himself, when he heard he heard the wonderful news of the redeeming Savior, Jesus Christ and gave up his life of crime, for a life of peace and service to God in 2012. So sincere was his desire that he attended a ‘Bible Training College’ for ‘Tribal Revival Ministry’ in 2015.  His transformed life and ministry to the Naxals flourished as he brought scores to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This infuriated the Naxals who were adamant to put a stop to his influence.  Pastor Abel was shot dead at 8.00 pm on the 28th of December 2016. He is survived by his wife Anita and 2 children Reuben and Esther.