Indian Christians arrested in Nepal

Indian Christians arrested in Nepal

Six Christians have been arrested in Nepal for possession of Bible tracts, in Panchthar district, Nepal.

On 09th May, 6 Christians2 Christians from India, Evg Bhupal Rai & Bro. Pawan Rai and 4 Nepali Christians,were arrested in Panchthar district, one of 14 districts of Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal, for allegedly distributing Bible tracts.

One of the apparent recipients, lodged a complaint with the Police which resulted in their arrest. The police authorities searched their personal belongings and car and found copies of “Christian tracts, which wereconfiscated as evidence. The Christians have been charged with attempting to convert people to Christianity in the Hindu-majority nation, which has been illegal since 2015.

They were escorted from Panchthar district to Tehrathum District Jail, which is around 8 hours away from the site of the incident.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, the elder brother of Bro. Bhupal who is from Gangtok, briefed about the entire incident. Bro. Bhupal had apparently been ministering in Nepal area for more than 10 years along with his cousin, Bro. Pawan Rai, a new believer, and nothing like this has ever happened. He has requested all Christians to pray for their immediate release.

“I am very concerned that the trial may drag on as thegovernment has filed a case against them”.

“I am troubled that I am unable to reach him or get any information about his detention. A few brothers from Church have left for the jail this morning to find out the situation”.

Like India, Nepal has also enacted a law to curb evangelism by criminalizing religious conversion. The region’s small-but-growing Christian minority faces government threats to their faith.

Persecution Relief is standing alongside these brothers, helping channelize prayer support and awareness for them.

Church, please pray that our Lord will right all the wrongs that are taking place in our world and vindicate those that are being treated unjustly. 

How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”– Isaiah 52:7

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