Impact of Prayer and administration support in Vidisha incident

“Religious Fanatics  in action at St. Mary’s College Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.  Kept well controlled by the heavy police protection. According to reports, Police had to resort to lathi charge to control a mob of over 800 fanatics. CALM HAS RETURNED TO THE PLACE NOW as only policemen on watch have remained in the area. We thank once again the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singhji and the MP Police force. And a big thank you for your prayers. The Fathers and Sisters and other personnel are in a state of shock. Do continue to pray for them.

Bishop Theodore”

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14 thoughts on “Impact of Prayer and administration support in Vidisha incident”

  1. Lord Jesus, let these fanatics and this nation of India see your power and might so that their perception of You and the Church which is your house, will be corrected for good. Amen.

  2. Thanks to the efficacy of prayers the situation has come under control. A mighty vote of thanks to the administration that listened to their inner voice of reason. After all we are all children of the same God. We have the same colour of blood and the same number of bones in our body. Our hearts too, are in the same place. Thank God!!

  3. Thank You Jesus. This poor man called and thou answered his prayer. Lord open the eyes of the people of India to see your true love for them. Heal them of all unbelief and hatred and let them understand that Christ came to redeem them too. Lord give courage to the secret believers who are afraid of confessing their faith openly for fear of dire consequences they will need to face for doing so. Lord we know that many educated youth and elders and people in power know and believe in their hearts that Jesus is the only way to salvation but are reluctant or afraid to confess and accept the same in public. In Jesus’ name Amen!

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