“If i see a cross in anybody’s neck i will shoot you! Bihar

2 days fasting prayer was being conducted at a believers house in a village of Bihar State from 4/10/2020.

During the break, local Pastor *Prakash who was conducting the fasting prayer meeting, was called by some people from the village who said they want to talk to him for 10 minutes.

Pastor Prakash went with them, but only to find out it was a trap!

Around 40 religious fanatics were waiting for him. “Why you come here? What teaching are you giving to our village people?” aggressively questioned these fanatics.

“We are teaching them about Jesus who said to live a sinless life and to be a good citizen and to love each other even your enemies..” was replying the Pastor. But it was not what they wanted to hear. They asked questions to which they had their own prejudiced brainwashed answers. So they immediately cut the speech of the Pastor to recite what they are taught to believe “you are dividing and corrupting our innocent villagers by bringing a foreign God! You are also teaching them against our religion and practices! You should not come to this village!” recited the brainwashed fanatics. “If i see a cross as locket in anybody’s neck i will shoot you!!” exclaimed a fanatic.

The very next day, another *Pastor Kumar was invited by Pastor Prakash to give a speech in the meeting. Pastor Kumar ministered for about 1 hour and a half and as he was leaving for his village, he heard someone asking him to stop. “I stopped and i looked back, a man came running and said Why have you come here to convert people? You should never enter this village again!!” reported Pastor Kumar. The fanatic confiscated for a while the keys of Pastor Kumar to make sure that Pastor Kumar agrees not to come to the village anymore.

Then this fanatic, along with some  of his equally-brainwashed friends, barged in the residence where the fasting prayers were being held, and said “we will come tomorrow and conduct a homa (Homa is sanskrit word for a ritual wherein an oblation is offered into the fire). If you don’t do Homa we will kick you out of the village and take you to the police station!” Threatened the fanatics as they said they will come back next morning.

Let’s pray for the safety of the believers and Pastors.

Let’s pray they receive the Holy wisdom to speak convicting words to the fanatics to protect their right to meet and preach and pray.

Let’s pray for the villagers and the fanatics that they come to know the love of Jesus and be transformed.

Let’s pray the blinding veil of their brainwashed prejudices drops and they come to know the juice and beauty of our God and the heart of his believers.

Let’s pray that the fanatics stop seeing Jesus as a foreign God, but as a personal God, so that they won’t keep blocking their blessing and that of others.

Let’s pray that fanatics realize that having different belief is a right which does not mean fighting their belief and that they accept a belief is a personal choice that without a personal calling from God, does not convert anybody.

Let’s pray the fanatics know their limits and stop allowing themselves to importunate and threaten.

Let’s pray for police officers to do their job fairly and provide protection for all citizens against fanatic importuning which have become a casual juicy trend in this country.

Let’s pray for the peace and co-existence in the village with some common sense for the fanatics and boldness for the believers to defend their values and their right and not compromise on their faith.

May they be equipped with the love but also the power of Jesus Christ, his meekness but also his wisdom.

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