IEM prayer meeting near Hosur disrupted, Bibles burned

IEM prayer meeting near Hosur disrupted, Bibles burned

In yet another attack on the freedom of Christians, a prayer meeting of IEM workers at Kurupatti, Krishnagiri district, near Hosur, was the target of religious fanatics. Pastor Neethi Raja (Church Promotion- IEM ), along with a few others had gathered at the residence of Br Sitappa for prayer on 19 March, 2019.

While the prayer meeting was in progress, five religious fanatics barged in and started questioning them. “We are friends, we are just sitting and praying, what is the problem?”, asked Raja. Five to ten more fanatics joined and pulled them out and started insulting them and accusing them of conversion. “They took our bag and Bibles and tried to force us to burn the Bibles. We refused, but they kept on insisting.

“People from the neighborhood gathered around and remained mute spectators. Nobody came to rescue us, and some women from around started shouting and yelling at us as if we had committed a crime sitting inside the house and praying.”

The religious fanatics took the Bible from everyone. They also took the IEM magazines, IEM receipt book, some cash, cheque etc, threw them on the ground and they asked them to burn it. The IEM team refused but they kept shouting and pressurizing and threatening to harm them.

A Christian lady who lives across the street saw this and she informed her husband. He along with few others were holding a EU (Evangelical Union) meeting. They arrived at the spot and spoke to the fanatics. They asked Raja and others to leave the place. The EU leaders pacified the religious fanatics and they left.

Raja spoke to Persecution Relief and has asked for prayers. He was distressed initially, “but the grace of the Lord gave us strength to overcome this situation and we feel honored and we are thankful to the Lord that he gave us an opportunity to be persecuted for the Kingdom’s sake.” Raja said.

IEM National Secretary Reverend Raja Singh, speaking to Persecution Relief said, “We have forgiven the persecutors. Nothing happens to us without the knowledge of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the battle belongs to Him!”

In many states of India today, Christians can’t gather at their own residence and pray with family and friends. It appears Hindu fanatic groups are being specifically trained and given the responsibility to stop all churches in the villages and make sure no new church is being opened. At some places sign boards are appearing saying, ‘No Christians welcomed in this village’.

Why is this happening? Why are Christians isolated from their privileges? Is the Constitution of India not applicable to Christians ? Why are politicians and political parties quiet on these issues? Why are these fanatics saying that India is a Hindu country and that if you want to live in India you have to become a Hindu?

In 2018 Persecution Relief has recorded 477 cases:Church Attacks: 91 Cases ;
Physical Attacks: 62 Cases
Detained /Arrested falsely: 85 Cases
Boycott / Discrimination: 28 Cases
Hate Campaign: 25 Cases
Restriction on Religious Assembly: 19 Cases
Threat / Harassment: 122 Cases
Churches Burnt: 10 Cases
Murder: 4 Cases

Church, wake up, the persecuted believers need your prayer and support! We, as the body of Christ, need to be knitted together in a time like this and move forward with the Gospel of Jesus Christ across India!

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