I am all for the Lord ? Are you ??

I am all for the Lord ? Are you ??

Hi my name is Sarah. At the age of thirteen, I was forced to move, with my parents, to India to serve the Lord. Being just thirteen I felt like I had given up everything: all my friends, family, and life as I knew it!

I remember crying all the way across the world; my life had taken a tremendous turn. But as I look back now, I don’t regret the decision that was made. God has molded me in such away, that I call India my home now, and I wouldn`t change that for the world. By the help of the Holy Spirit I have been learning Hindi and the Indian culture, even though it`s hard sometimes, God has helped me learn the language and the culture.

Coming here and seeing kids living under meager means with no one to tell them about the love of God, my heart went out to them. Past three years me and my sister had kids club that met twice/thrice a week. We helped them with their studies and also taught them Bible stories and action songs.

The kids enjoyed the kids club; they loved the games and the stories, and we loved seeing them enjoy the presence of God. But on February 16, 2020 we went to the slums to do our regular program, but before we could gather the children, we were met with some opposition.

Some religious fanatics came and began to question us and started to tell us that we were converting the children. We had never seen them before and they were outsiders to that particular colony. As they were shouting and yelling at us, we realized that the crowd was getting bigger. Since we lived nearby, we called my dad and told him the situation and he came at once.

Then the people started shouting at my dad, and my dad tried to explain but they were not listening. As he was trying to explain the crowd became violent. My dad tried to get us,girls, out of that area but a few guys laid in front of the car. At that point my dad called Shibu Bhaiya.

After about thirty minutes, the police showed up and they they took all eight of us to the police station. The group of religious fanatics were gathered outside and the crowd outside the station kept growing, and they started chanting, “Stop the conversion right now, stop right now, stop right now.”

While they were chanting they started making problems with the police about us, so the police moved us all into another building and made us sit there until everything died down. My dad, my sister, four of my bhaiyas, and my didi and her four-month-old baby were all sitting in the police station for a good eight hours.

During the time we were there, we were not scared, but we were overjoyed that we were counted worthy to be persecuted for Christ. All the police officers were very nice to us, and reassured us that it was okay, and that these things happen all the time.

The religious fanatics forced two kids to tell false testimonies against us, but we were not disheartened because God only told us to sow the seed and that’s what we did. At the end of our time in the station, a police man came in and began to slander my dad.

And all of a sudden, the mood of the other police officers had changed. But by the grace of God and by all the prayers, God miraculously rescued us through the persecution relief team, from that situation and brought us back home. And once we reached home, I was overwhelmed to see that so many people had gathered at the house praying for our release.

I want to encourage all of those reading this, that God is with you, so do not be afraid to do what God has called you to do. All glory to God forever and Amen.


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