House Church forced to shut down, Madhya Pradesh

A Christian church in Madhya Pradesh is being forced to shut down after religious fundamentalists claimed that the church is involved in conversion activities.

Pastor Naresh Kumar Netam from Niwas Tehsil, District Mandla, Madhya Pradesh State, has been ministering at Emmanuel AG Church, for the past 12 years. Around 50 believers gather every Sunday to worship.

Pastor was asked to vacate the rented property 5 months ago. The ‘house Church’ was relocated to one of the believer’s house and worship service resumed there. However, for the past 2 weeks he is being harassed and threatened with dire consequences if the Church was not shut down. Currently, the church is still looking for an alternate building.

Many people who live in the neighborhood would like the Church to continue even though they belong to another faith but few people under the influence of the religious fundamentalists are putting pressure to close down the worship service.

Across Madhya Pradesh and India, fanatics are intentionally identifying house churches and targeting it without any reason. Their ultimate aim is that Christians should not be allowed to worship their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We request all believers across India to fast and pray so that the house Church services are not hindered and Churches should boldly spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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1 thought on “House Church forced to shut down, Madhya Pradesh”

  1. Dear friend in Christ, with all due respect, Plz read this with an open mind. I am really happy about Persecution Relief work among persecuted Christians of India and also do send forwards for prayer in my WhatsApp. Enemy is set out to physically abuse children of God which requires intense prayer indeed. But prayer without brains is also futile sometimes because some things amongst us are very much inviting troublemakers. We as children of God shud also keep in mind that no other religions conduct regular worship services in residences. Now with mere excuses & intolerance behaviour we have to introspect among so many churches & denominations which are splitting n multiplying independently without control for ‘legally persecuted’ ones. We as responsible citizens should also follow the rules of the nation as in to take proper permission when more members gather in a house regularly whether it creates annoyance with people or not, as often it does. If our neighbor houses did the similar with their religious practice regularly every week would we express our annoyance in some manner? Then why give enemy the foothold when we can’t exercise tolerance for members in Body of Christ ourselves for petty personal reasons but create doctrines to extrapolate (instead of unify) and thereby mushrooming of ‘churches’ which don’t have any vision beyond the next generation. House churches is mentioned in Bible mainly b’coz of the prevailed bottlenecks then, not because of inside conflict & intolerance! So, I think with 2000 yrs of Gospel having come to India we ourselves are responsible for the ineffective witnessing we bear and pray for the Holy Spirit work to rectify this more.

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