Horrifying attack as Pastor savagely beaten, Karnataka

Horrifying attack as Pastor savagely beaten, Karnataka

A Pastor was ambushed and beaten up by religious fanatics, and had to be taken to hospital for treatment to injuries sustained in an unprovoked assault.

The attack took place after Pastor Devaraj, Chairman of United Christian Welfare Association and New Life Fellowship, Tumkur, Karnataka, had made a customary visit to a believer’s house, and was returning home on his motor bike.

On 2nd January, on a lonely dark stretch of road, in oneterrifying moment, a Swift Desire’ Car, suddenly swerved in front of his motorbike, forcing him to come to a sudden stop. Shocked and terrified, he saw a car-load of menacing thugs, get off the car and approach him.

Alleging that Pastor was involved in conversion activities, they took off his helmet as they repeatedly punched and hit him on his head with the helmet. In this sustained assault, Pastor received several injuries to his head, face and upper body.

As suddenly as the attack took place, the attackers fled the scene after accomplishing whatever it was, they intended to.

Pastor managed to reach the Kyatsandra Police Station, to raise the alarm and was taken to hospital, where, battered and bruised, he is recovering.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Mathias SEC of UCWA, gave details about the horrifying incident. He mentioned that the shock of the attack has left Pastor extremely shaken.

‘This was a mindless and brutal attack on a member of the community and must be condemned in the severestterms”.

Currently Pastor is admitted in Hospital for an MRI examination as he was complaining of giddiness.

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