Home Invasion, Reverend son beaten up, Uttar Pradesh

Home Invasion, Reverend  son beaten up, Uttar Pradesh

On 20th July, at around 10:30 am, Rev. Sumer heard the door bell ringing. His eldest son answered the door to be ambushed by a mob of 25-30 persons. The perpetrators used their brute force to gain entry into the house and attacked Rev. Sumer’s son, Abhinav.

Hearing his distressed cries, Rev. Sumer rushed to the door to find his son Abhinav on the floor, being punched, kicked and hit with bricks. The attackers threatened that the attack would be more severe if the Rev. did not vacate the house within the next 2 months.

Abhinav was rushed to hospital and needed care for nearly 4 days since he had internal injuries.

Rev. Sumer Samuel is in- charge of Methodist Church in village Bijoli, district Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India. When Rev. Sumer was transferred to this place on 3rd of July 2008, this unused property, had a very old Church building and parsonage, which was being used as den for all the evil activities and a safe-house for the wayward and rebellious men.

Rev. slowly and painstakingly renovated the whole place. The abandoned church was given a new lease of life and a much-needed face-lift as a community hub. It is now open for worship services and around 30 belivers congregate to worship in the Church.

Behind the Church is the parsonage where Rev. Samuel and his family lives. Before his posting, this parsonage was illegally occupied by the neighbor Kalu, as a store house for spurious liquor and for all other nefarious activities.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Rev. Sumer is adamant that he will not leave the place as the Lord had send him here.

They visited the local Police Station to lodge a complaint but Inspector Rajinder refused to accept their complaint. In fact, he intimidated and threatened Rev. and his son, alleging that he would file a case against them, if they pursued the matter – a classic case of the victim being made the accuser.

With no help from Police, Rev. Sumer along with his church members have handed over the application to the DM 27/7/18.

Rev. has been threatened and attacked 4 times since 2008, and he believes that it is because his neighbor did not want the Church to be revived in that locality.

Church pray for the safety of Rev. Sumer and his family. Pray that this locality would be transformed by their godly lives and prayer.

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