Home invaded, residents trapped and locked in by religious fanatics, Uttar Pradesh

Home invaded, residents trapped and locked in by religious fanatics, Uttar Pradesh

On 20 December 2018, Evangelist Varughese Abraham, his wife and other members of the Chakeri Brethren Church were attacked by right-wing religious group at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, as they gathered in a member’s house to pray.

Around 5.00 pm in the evening, as Evangelist Varughese Abraham, his wife and other members gathered to pray, religious fanatics, barged into this private residence, raised objections to conducing prayers in the house. Alleging religious conversion, shouting religious slogans and threats, they warned of dire consequences if it was not stopped immediately. They then locked all members in, from the outside.

Police were informed and the Christians were rescued and taken to the Police station.

The relentless, hostile mob, shouting anti-Christian slogans and screaming abuses, followed them to the Police station and laid siege of the place. For several hours, the sloganeering continued outside the Station, demanding that the Police register a FIR against the group, on grounds of indulging in conversion activities.

Persecution Relief Founder received a call from Ashish Singh, one of the Church members, who was in the locked house.

Immediately, the SP Kanpur City, Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal, was contacted and briefed about the situation. On reaching the Station, the SP ordered for the mob to be chased away. After his investigation, he recorded the statement from the owner of the house, to ensure that the meeting was held with their consent.

By the grace and mercy of God, all members were released around 1.30 am with no charges against them.

Anti-Christian violence in Uttar Pradesh is not a new phenomenon and Christians have been facing unprovoked atrocities for the past few years. Allegations that Christians are carrying out evangelical activities and targeting the locals is the common rhetoric and excuse used to exploit and attack innocent Christians.

According to data recorded with Persecution Relief, Uttar Pradesh experienced the highest number of violent attacks against Christians – over 100 incidents recorded in the last 11 months of 2018.

Church, pray for the opponents of the Gospel, that God would restrain their hands, not to cause evil and harm to His sheep

Pray for Evangelist Varughese Abraham, members of his family and other members of the Chakeri Brethren Church, to continue faithfully, to be the salt and light of this world, and steadfast in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for the SP Kanpur City, Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal, who was just, impartial and proactive, to release the Christians, in spite of the immense pressure from religious fanatics. Pray for his protection and God’s favour upon him.

Please call Persecution Relief Toll-Free Number 1800-1234-461 to get immediate assistance and report Christian Persecution.

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