Heads tonsured, humiliating attack on Christians, Bihar

Heads tonsured, humiliating attack on Christians, Bihar

Sunday worship service was disrupted and congregation dragged out of the Church brutally beaten. Their heads were tonsured / shaved as punishment for worshiping Jesus Christ, in Barha Village, Parsauni Panchayat, Benipatti, situated in Madhubani District of Bihar.

Pastor Upender Sahu, a local Pastor, is affiliated to GEMS (Gospel Echoing Missionary Society), Bihar. Around 5 Christian families used to gather every Sunday for worship service.

The local Panchayat (the village council of the community), took a unanimous decision of putting a complete stop to the worship of Jesus Christ in the village with immediate effect.  However, these 5 families, stood strong and steadfast in their faith. They openly told the Panchayat that they refuse to stop praying or worshiping or recant their faith in Jesus Christ.

In spite of the Village Council’s decision, the Christians decided to gather on Sunday. While the worship service was in progress in the house of Bro. Subodh Chaupal, the local villagers and religious fanatics, surrounded the house. They forcibly gained entry and beat the congregation with the sticks and fists, verbally abusing them in the filthiest of languages, falsely accusing them and others of forcible conversion. Eventually they tonsured the heads of Bro. Subodh, Bro. Bahadur Chaupal, Sis. Malti Devi, Sukesh & Geedhar Chaupal.  Bro. Bahadur Chaupal, Sis. Malti Devi are both Senior Citizens.

Forcibly tonsuring the head is seen as a method of punishing, humiliating and shaming the victims.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Bro. Manoj narrated the entire incident and was extremely concerned about his old parents, as he was away from home, working in New Delhi.

Bro. Manoj mentioned that he was the first person to come to faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, a year ago. Today, his entire family have committed to following Jesus Christ and will never forsake their faith, he added.

While India is preparing for Elections in April 2019, the Country is witnessing considerable activity, in an attempt to polarize communities, especially against Christians and Muslims.

Right wing religious fanatics, continue their blatant attempt to terrorize the Christian community, in the guise of protesting Christian conversion.

Church, please pray for the Christian community in Bihar, in Barha Village, who have been illegally and criminally attacked. Pray that the God of earth and heaven, will fill their hearts with peace and forgiveness.

Pray for Bihar which has witnessed a huge spike in Christian attacks in the last 2 months.

For immediate assistance and to report Christian Persecution, 24 x 7, please call on our free Toll-Free Number 1800-1234-461.



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