Hate speech: Christian preacher booked in Coimbatore

Clarification by Pr Mohan.C.Lazarus

 As Bro Mohan says, “I have never took any names related to Hindu religion. Even date, time, place of the Video is no where mentioned by any newspaper nor in TV because this is not recent speech nor it is spoken in a public meeting. That was spoken few years back in chennai, between a small group of Christian pastors, in which i was teaching them about India religion and word of God in answering their questions. I was explaining word of Bible relation to India. This is not at all related to Hindu religion. Only that few secs was cut from the speech and converted to a different aspect. Many Hindus come to my prayers till date and are present till date. I cannot speak about Hindus and their Gods even in that case. Please listent to video once now. You will understand. I tell about Jesus christ and pray for them. Only that is my work. I love all the religion people as one. God forgives that ones who are doing this for thier own benefit. I have 2 own brothers who are still hindus. They respect me in all aspects and i never forced them in anything. Let God bless all the people who are doing this.”


Hate speech: Christian preacher booked in Coimbatore


COIMBATORE: The rural police have on Tuesday registered three cases against Christian preacher Mohan C Lazarus, founder of Jesus Redeems, on charges of hate speech

The move comes after a video, which shows him saying Tamil Nadu was in the clasp of satan, referring to a large number of places of worship of particular religion, had gone viral on social media. The date and the place of speech was yet to be ascertained.

Action was taken against him based on three separate complaints lodged against him with three different police stations.

In the first instance, BJP functionary R Jaihind Murugesan, 43, of Uthupalayam near Arasur, lodged a complaint against the preacher with the Sulur police.

Based on the complaint, Sulur police inspector Thangaraj registered a first information report (FIR) against Mohan C Lazarus under Sections 153 (A) (1) (a) (b) and 295 (A) of the Indian Penal Code.

Likewise, the Karumathampatti police registered a case against the Christian preacher under Sections 153 (A) and 295 (A) of the Indian Penal Code based on a complaint lodged by another BJP functionary, whose identity couldn’t be ascertained.

In another instance, VHP district deputy secretary R Manoshankar, 35, of Pollachi, lodged a complaint against Mohan Lazarus with the Pollachi west police, who registered a case. Further investigation is on.


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3 thoughts on “Hate speech: Christian preacher booked in Coimbatore”

  1. Truths will not be digested by the agents of father of lies. But they do not know that the LiVing God, author and owner of the whole universe has authority over all principalities which they worship

  2. In the name of Jesus We take authority over all forces of darkness working against our beloved brother Lazarus and destroy their power that no harm will be inflicted our brother and he will be released unharmed.

  3. After BJP came at the centre, they are targeting especially minorities such Christians, Muslims, SC,ST etc. Secular people must unite against this persecution and if required they must complain to UN human rights commission to put pressure on Modi govt to respect the constitution of India. The BJP is the political wing Hindu fascist and terrorists organisation called RSS.

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