Harassment of Christians continues in Jharkand

Harassment of Christians continues in Jharkand

Pastor Sam Stellas has been ministering in Pakur District, Jharkhand, for the past 4 years.

Pastor Sam has Missionaries assisting  him with the ministry work. One such missionary, named Abhishek, was detained by the Police. On Wednesday, 12th September, around 12 noon, Police picked him up and took him to the Police Station. There, he was accused of indulging in conversion activities and subjected to questioning.

He was made to sit at the Police Station until 3.00 pm. Around 4.00 pm, he was asked to contact Pastor Sam to come to the Police Station for questioning. Fearing arrest by the Police, Pastor was counselled not to go. Since he did not present himself, Bro. Abhishek was locked up in jail.

Later in the evening, the Police contacted Bro. Abhishek’s mother, summoning her to the Police station, and demanded that she given an undertaking as a guarantor. Based on the written undertaking, Bro. Abhishek was released.

Apparently, religious fanatics have complained to the Police that 3 families were keen to bring Christians. However, it is alleged that the Police did not have evidence or witness to corroborate their accusation of conversion, and hence had to release him.

Bro. Abhishek was asked to come back on Friday 14th September. This time, after intensive questioning, they let him go.

On the 15th, a team from the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP) Office went to his residence and took him SP’s Office for further intensive questioning. They confiscated his cell phone and took away the memory card, with call records of the last 4 months.

With the contacts in the phone, several other ministries were investigated and the activities conducted there were examined. In fact, in one of the places that they had visited, they found the missionaries involved in tutoring the Adivasi Children.

In spite of all the evidence, the Police were still pressuring him to give names and contacts of people who are involved in conversion activities.

Pastor Sam speaking to Persecution Relief mentioned that he and the congregation had been facing series of threats in the past from religious fanatics in the past.  Despite their application requesting protection, no action has been taken by the local police and no protection granted.

News Papers covered this story extensively.In the meantime, Pastor Sam, who is in Kerala currently, received a call from the SP’s (Superintendent of Police) Office, where he has been summoned to the local Police Station, on his return from Kerala.

Br Nelson speaking to Persecution Relief has requested to uphold Pr Sam and his team in Prayers. 

Church also pray for the situation in Jharkand as its getting worse day by day.

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