Harassed by Police and fanatics, Tamil Nadu

Harassed by Police and fanatics, Tamil Nadu

A dozen Policemen walked in during the Sunday Worship Service and they forced Pastor Jenson to accompany them to the Police Station.

Pastor Jenson Prabhakar has been ministering in an independent Church, at Housing Board Colony, Sivakasi City, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu.

A business man by profession, Pastor Prabhakar is also overseeing the functioning of the Church since his father’s death in 2012. The Worship service meeting is being held at his parent’s home where his mother continues to live.

On Sunday, during Sunday Worship service, a dozen Policemen walked in to the home, and summoned Pastor Jenson to the Police Station in between the Worship Service.

Sensing a sinister plan, Pastor Prabhakar declined to go with them. Instead, he offered to meet with the Superintendent of Police (SP), Guru Nagar, the following day.

Frustrated and annoyed by the harassment of the Police, Pastor Jenson’s mother confronted with the police and questioned them on why they were being bothered and pestered for simply praying to their God, in their home. The Police alleged that a complaint had been lodged against the gathering of people, by the neighbours.

The next day Pastor Jenson and his mother, met with the Superintendent of Police (SP), and briefed him about the happenings.

Local religious fundamentalist leaders are learnt to be behind the attacks, as they are trying to stop the Sunday Worship Service. 

The SP has assured of a just and fair investigation. Local Church Leaders have also approached the DIG and informed about this incident.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Nixon, the elder brother of Pastor Jenson, briefed about the incident and has requested for prayers,  as his mother is aged and she is very troubled by all these incidents. The Believers are also angry and fearful after these events.

Church please pray.

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