Good Samaritan Police rescue Pastors from blood-thirsty fanatics, Bihar

Good Samaritan Police rescue Pastors from blood-thirsty fanatics, Bihar

Pastor Hari Narayanan Mandal and Pastor Jayaprakash had gone to village Chandpitar, at Supaul District in Bihar, to the residence of Bro. Johar Mandal.

Around 40 persons had congregated there for the meeting. Suddenly, a group of unidentified religious fanatics, gatecrashed into the meeting. Shouting abuses, the men armed with sticks, beat up the congregation – slapping and beating them with sticks, slippers and punching them, while one of them with a video cam, kept recording the proceedings.

They demanded for the Pastors to step outside the prayer hall where an even larger mob of fanatics pounced on them, brutally beating and dragging them to the Panchayat’s Samadan Bhavan, where the Panchayat officials locked up both pastors inside the Bhavan.

In the meantime, the Sarpanch summoned the Police while the blood-thirsty mob, plotted on how to kill the Pastors and throw the bodies in the drain. However, the Police arrived in the nick of time and sensing the violent mood, rescued the Pastors and secured them at Kishenpur Police Station

Speaking to Persecution Relief from Police custody, Pastor Hari Narayan was in deep pain as he had internal injuries but was confident in the Lord and requested prayers.

Persecution Relief spoke to the Police Station In-Charge, Mr. Uday who understood the matter and agreed to release the Pastors, in spite of the pressure from religious fanatics.

The Pastors were released at 9.30 pm and Pastor Uttam, took them to the Government Hospital for first aid to treat the injuries received. He later drove them home to safety.

Pastor Uttam Bharat, who had travelled many kilometers to stand in support with the Pastors, coordinated logistics on the ground.

Pastor Nandkumar was the first to inform Persecution Relief about the same incident.

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