Ghar Wapsi of Christians in Jharkhand continues

We have just received a call from Senior Pastor Amit Tirkey that around than 10 families belonging to the Oraun Munda tribe, who worship at Mighty Gospel Mission at Gutwatoli village, Hurhuri panchayat, Ranchi District, Jharkhand State have been given an ultimatum by religious fanatics in the village.

A mob of religious fanatics comprising of local villagers have been attacking them and making life increasing difficult for this Christian community for worshiping Jesus Christ. Once again, today, 31 Jan, the mob visited these 10 families, threatening and coercing them to give up Jesus Christ and take part in the ‘Ghar Wapsi’ ceremony – to cleanse and amalgamate them back to their previous religion.

The radicals have given them one more day to reconsider their commitment. They have been told that if they do not make the decision to come back to their former religion, they would be beaten severely, stripped naked, heads shaved and paraded out of the village. Naturally, the villagers are terrified with the turn of events.

The local villagers have an eye on the property of the Christians and are using ‘conversion allegation’ as a crutch to manipulate and deceive the Christians and ‘grab this land’. The plan is to evict the Christians so that the villagers can fraudulently possess their lands. This has been a strategy across many places in India.

It is clear that the Indian government needs to take stringent action to avoid escalation of communal violence and the persecution of minority communities – especially Christians.

Persecution Relief Founder spoke with Superintendent of Police, Rural, (Mr. Ajit), Ranchi, highlighting the situation and seeking his intervention. Based on the Founder’s intervention, both parties have been summoned to the Police Station for a meeting, where the SP will mediate the proceedings to ensure a just and peaceful outcome.

Church, please raise up fervent prayers for the Christians in the village of Gutwatoli, to stand strong in spite of the injustice

Pray for the fair and just administration and the judiciary in the land.

Pray for the persecutors who are scheduled to meet to take action against the Christians.


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11 thoughts on “Ghar Wapsi of Christians in Jharkhand continues”

  1. This government have kept a blind eye for every atrocities going on in the country but there is God who controls the universe and he will take care
    Request all brethren to get United and pray that God may bless India because that is the part we have to do rest things will be handled by our mighty God in his time.

    1. God is also seeing that Christian missionares are one side putting cases on welfare development programmes which government announces in tribal areas and keeping the poor tribals as much poor as possible and then on the other side offering freebies and trying to lure them to christianity. World over Christian missionares spend 3 trillion dollars per year to lure people to its faith. God definitely knows this kind of fraudulent luring of poor people.

  2. This atrocities against the Tribal Christian Community must STOP.
    Persecution Relief must contact also Dr Ajay A Congress Man and Ex IG Police
    We must start a petition also to the UN about Christians spcly the poor Socially and economically weak ones being oppressed and exploited for decades…And this continues
    I am appalled and outraged at these Fanatics …What Ghar wapsi ..The Manusmriti made these tribals untouchables ..Most used to eat Rats only and were called Chuachuts…
    So why can’t these Rogues leave them alone….
    Our God Yahweh is mighty to save..Will pray My prayer state is Jharkhand and used to visit Garwah …Will pray. God will turn the Sails to Paul’s for His Glory
    Amen HalleluJAH.

  3. Unfortunately we are a divided lot nobody lifted a finger during Kandhamal riots Beyond saying we will pray for them can we do something like raising a petition campaign in Change. Org and sending open mail to PM raise awareness among main line churches

  4. In most of the cases of reconversion we find people were not true believers in the first place. There are some opportunitists who come into the fellowship for material blessings. We as Evangelicals must be aware of such pseudo Christians in our congregations. Pray that such people truly humble themselves and accept

    1. Thats they were not true believers because they were lured by cash and kind into christianity by the missionares. This is usual strategy of christian missionares all over world be it Sri Lanka,Vietnam,Japan or Souht Korea or India. Keep giving cash/kind to poor people and keep luring them.

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