Ghar Wapsi in Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Ghar Wapsi in Bastar, Chhattisgarh

A family has alleged that the Church induced them to change religion for healing prayer. The family resides in Balanga village, which is located in Bastar Tehsil of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh, India.

Bansuram, a resident of Balanga, had committed his life to following Jesus Christ and adopted the Christian way of life. This tribal family have now returned back to their former religion, citing that he was manipulated and influenced by the superstitions of the missionaries. Bansuram mentioned that he was battling with Blood Cancer when he learnt that Missionaries living nearby would pray and he would be healed. Hundreds asked him to convert to Christianity to be free of the disease in a year.

Now after 1 year and still ailing from Blood Cancer, Bansuram and his family members accused the missionaries of exploitation, only in the interest of converting the family to Christianity.

Bastar Cultural Protection Forum, Divisional Convenor, Mahesh Kashyap said that no prayer can cure any illness. Bansuram needs urgent treatment and not superstition. He criticized the Christian Missionaries for exploiting the naivety of the tribal community, which is condemnable. In Bastar, the Government has provided development and health care for all, while innocent tribals are being deceived by engaging in superstitions and prayers claiming healing.

On Tuesday, the family was rehabilitated and purified with puja havan and vedic chanting – The Ghar Wapsi ceremony – a series of religious conversion activities to facilitate conversion of non-Hindus to Hinduism was done.

On this occasion, Divisional Convenor of Bastar Cultural Security Forum Mahesh Kashyap, Mohan Maurya, Mata Pujari Lohri Baghel, Sarpanch Guddu Ram Baghel, Ramesh Kashyap, Ishwar Mandavi, Pakalu Ram Kashyap, Ramuram Baghel, Lakhmu Kashyap, Mithir Baghel, Sukta Kashyap, local villagers and social activists were present.


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