Ghar Wapsi Forcefully Performed on Christian Believers in Jharkhand

Ghar Wapsi Forcefully Performed on Christian Believers in Jharkhand

Six families of GEMS House of Prayer in McCluskieganj, Ranchi District (PEACE 1 Zone) were forced to partake in Ghar Wapsi by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal.

On 5th July 2020 (Sunday) at 3:00 PM a group of VHP & BD members in four motorcycle went to the house of Mr. Karthik, a believer in McCluskieganj. Within sometime a big group of people in three Bolero Cars reached his house and threatened all the believers. They forced them to stay in their houses threatening to beat them up.

The next day, 6th July 2020, fifty VHP members reached McCluskieganj and performed Ghar Wapsi ritual and forced the six Christian believers to participate. Kathik Malar, Geetha Devi, Jeera Malar, Pinky Devi, Arjun Malar, Pramod Malar, Urmila Devi, Chandru Malar and Poonam Devi were threatened and forced to partake in Ghar Wapsi. They were forced to chant ‘Jai shree ram’ and the believers were taken around the village in a procession. Even the little children were not spared and they were also forced to participate.

VHP and Bajrang Dal members threatened the believers to not conduct prayers and to not to pray to Lord Jesus Christ. They searched for the missionary Bro. Raneshwar to beat him up, but they could not find him.

MCN News Coverage of the Ghar Wapsi –

Pray for the believers and missionary of McCluskieganj to stand strong in the Lord amidst persecution.

Pray for God’s protection upon the believers and missionary.

Pray that the VHP & BD members may be touched and transformed by the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for the administration and police to protect Christians in Jharkhand.

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