GEMS Believers interrogated, Police amazed at the testimonies, Uttar Pradesh

GEMS Believers interrogated, Police amazed at the testimonies, Uttar Pradesh

3 dozen Police Officers walked into GEMS Prarthana Bhavan, while Sunday Worship Service was in progress, to investigate a complaint that illegal conversions and baptisms were being forcibly done.

Pastor Vinod Kumar James, ministers at GEMS Prarthana Bhawan, which is affiliated with GEMS (Gospel Echoing Missionary Society), since 2009, at Baresar village in Zamnia Block in Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh State.

On Sunday, 09th September, 2018, Police Officials of Ghaziabad and Zamnia Police Station, visited the Church while the Sunday Worship service was in progress. Pastor Vinod was asked to come outside to meet the officials, while the congregation continued worshipping.

As soon he walked out, Pastor was shocked to see a large posse of Policemen who had come along as they hadreceived a complaint from local people and a temple priest, that conversion activities were taking place, by force and allurement.

“I am not baptizing or converting anyone. I am simply sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ every Sunday and Friday”.

Pastor was asked if had the permission to use loudspeakers and microphones, to which Pastor responded

“I had met with the SDM (Station District Magistrate) and asked for permission to which he said that since you are worshipping indoors, there is no need for permission”.

Ï take permission when I conduct Public meetings”.

Insisting on keeping the sanctity of the Church, Pastor requested the Police Officials to take off their footwear which they obliged. Entering the Church, the Police questioned the congregated believers, who shared their testimonies. The Police were shocked at the miraculous stories of healing of leprosy, insanity and other signs and wonders, in the name of Jesus Christ.

A Sister who was healed of Leprosy, made her way through the congregation, and shared about her miraculous transformation and healing, showing off her hands and legs. Several people who were healed of insanity also made their way to the Police Officials to tell their story.

Police Officials were clearly shocked to see living testimonies and witness of divine healing. The amazed Police Officials assured full support to the church and have told Pastor Vinod to come to the police station when called for enquiry. They asked a few more questions and apologized for interrupting the meeting and left.

Pastor also briefed the Police Officials of a priest in a temple opposite the Church, who had been harassing and falsely accusing the Church of conversion by force and allurement.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Vinod said that more than 26 persons suffering from Insanity, have been healed and people with Leprosy and other sicknesses have also experienced instant healing. Therefore, every one in the village, comes to Church for deliverance from some problem or the other.

Church, pray for the protection of Pastor Vinod Kumar and his family. Pray that the missionary and believers may stand strong in the Lord and not to be disheartened, but to consider the trials as pure joy (James 1:2).

Pray for the police and administration to act justly; pray for the opposers to know the love of Jesus and the gospel.

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  1. Thousands are coming to follow JESUS CHRIST from non-Christian background due to their healing-visions of JESUS and other personal miracles in life. The anti-Christian elements of India with the sponsorship of the Central Government are doing everything and anything to torment the Christian minority of India.

    This is now keenly watched in the U.S. and Europe, and the Indian Government will be getting some stern warning to the Government for sponsored terrorism upon the defenseless Christians of India.

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