Gau Raksha’s brutally beat Christian and steal his cow

Gau Raksha’s brutally beat Christian and steal his cow

A local Christian Business man and his driver were allegedly beaten up by gau raksha (cow protection) activists, while they were taking a Cow and its Calf to the market.

The incident occurred while Bro. Roshan Masih and his driver Gunja, from Bamdi near Harchowal village in Batala in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, were in their vehicle, headed to a local market to sell his cattle. When they reached a place called Bhan, a mob of unidentified fanatics, travelling on motorbikes, surrounded the vehicle, forcing them to come to a stop.

Alleging the men who were transporting the cow to be cattle thieves, the cow vigilantes beat these 2 men in full public view. The attackers later fled with both the cow and the calf.

Local Christian Leader Lawrence Masih President, Christian National Front and Arif Masih, President of the Youth Wing, along with crowd of supporters, gathered at Harchowal and handed a memorandum to the Police. They also protested against the slowness of police response in the handling of this incident against the vigilantes, which has come under a lot of criticism.

The protesters further claimed that traditionally Bro. Roshan Masih had been in the cattle trading business for a marginal profit, and had not violated the law, and demanded quick action be taken to ensure delivery of justice and compensation to him.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 447 incidents of hate-crimes, with 10 cases from Punjab.

In the first five months of 2019, we have recorded 180 incidents of hate crimes against Christians. This is the first incident recorded from Punjab.





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