Fanatics vandalize Pastor’s car for praying in believer’s house, Telangana

Fanatics vandalize Pastor’s car for praying in believer’s house, Telangana

A Legal Advocate, a Pujari and religious fanatics trapped more than 10 persons who were attending a Prayer meeting at a Christian’s home, and threatened them with dire consequences, alleging religious conversion.

Pastor Baburao Garu has been ministering with ‘Covenant Church at Housing Board Colony in Karimnagar district of Telangana, for the past 15 years.

With the advent of Christmas Season, Pastor has a busy schedule visiting homes of believers of his Church, whohave requested for prayers and blessings. One such home that he was visiting for prayers was Sis. Kamalamma’shouse.

On 09th December 2018, Pastor along with a few believers visited Sister’s home. After the prayer meeting, while they tried to exit, the found the front door locked from the outside. When they tried to exit from the rear exit, they were shocked to find a mob of religious fanatics, along with the neighbour Advocate and the local temple Pujari, along with a mob of menacing religious fanatics.

Shouting anti-Christian slogans and abuses, they verbally assaulted the house owner Sis. Kamalamma. Absolutely taken aback by the venom and fury of their attack, they demanded to know what was happening inside the house. When she told them that they were just praying, they demanded to know why prayers were held in the house instead of a Church?

“Is this a house or a Church?

Why are you indulging in conversion activities here?

“Why don’t you come to hanuman temple and pray”?

“Which country culture have you brought to this area? This is a pre-dominant Brahmin area. How did the Pastor dare to enter into this area?”

Intimidating and threatening them, they warned Pastor not to come back into the area or face serious consequences.

Unidentified religious fanatics also vandalized Pastor’s personal 10-year old Maruti Van, which was parked near the Housing Board Colony residence, escalatingcommunal tension and polarizing communities. This car was the only means of transport for Pastor and his family, which was also used to transport the congregation members.

Pastor later lodged a complaint with the Karimnagar 1 Town Police Station. The Police have promised a probe and adequate action.

Speaking to Persecution Relief on a conference call translated by Rev. Sarat Tamu, Pastor appeared very disappointed since it was a practice to visit the Believers and pray for their families during the Christmas season.More than 100 believers congregate every Sunday in a temporary shed outside his residence in Karimnagar

Church pray and support the Pastor in whichever way possible.

Pray for God’s supernatural protection and grace over all Christians in India, celebrating Christmas, as anti-social elements are determined to wantonly cause confusion and havoc, during the Church events and meetings.

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