Fanatics threaten Pastor and congregation, Bihar

Fanatics threaten Pastor and congregation, Bihar

Church closed

Pastor Kapil Dev Yadav, a resident of Rajawar village, Banka District in Bihar, surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He was the only one from his family who came to faith, from his home. After getting his basic teaching about Jesus Christ, he felt equipped to start a fellowship. As the number of believers increased, as he needed to accommodate them, he built a temporary shed to accommodate 150 members, with brick walls and a thatched roof.

Local villagers and religious fanatics were very irate about this new development. They began harassing and threatening Pastor Kapil, to stop the worship services. Undeterred, Pastor Kapil was consistent and dedicated in his faith, and continued sharing the teachings of Jesus Christ, as the congregation kept growing.

The exasperated and enraged fanatics were unrelenting. They wanted to stop Christianity spreading in the village and decided to speak to Pastor Kapil’s father, Kunj Bihari, who did not share his son’s faith. They made a mountain out of this incident, in order to influence the older gentleman, and persuaded to terminate the occupancy of the land by his son.

Father Kunj Bihari, instigated by the fanatics, stopped the Christians from gathering on his property, in the Church that was built by Pastor Kapil, through the good will and donations from members of his congregation. The Church was eventually locked up in May of 2018.

Discouraged and with no direction on how to move forward, Pastor Kapil was disappointed that ‘the sheep’, whom he had nurtured and build over the time, were struggling and scattered.

Soon, by the grace of God, they began meeting at Bro. Baidyanath’s residence, a member of the fellowship.

On Thursday, 12th September, in a random incident, a group of young men, who are part of Rajawar Church, were on their way to College, when they were ambushed by religious fanatics. They threatened and warned them that they will do everything they can to stop the Sunday worship service from taking place the following Sunday.

They also intimidated and made threats that they will bring along the District Magistrate (DM), along to stop the meetings being conducted in future. They further bullied the defenseless youth terrorizing them that they will brutally beat up the Pastor and the members of the congregation, if they don’t comply.

Listening to Pastor’s ordeal of the last 6 months, is heart breaking, unfair and unjustified, as the Constitution in India, guarantees the right to practice one’s own faith, as a citizen of India.

Church, please pray for the protection and safety of PastorKapil Dev Yadav and the congregation members. Pray that they will continue to be salt and light in that village, in spite of the injustice and prejudice.

In Bihar, the scale of “crack down” against the Christian minority community has been unprecedented in the last 2 years.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 447 incidents of hate-crimes, with 27 cases reported from Bihar, the 3rd most hostile among the 29 states.

In the first six months of 2019, we have recorded 180 incidents of hate crimes against Christians, with 13 incidents from Bihar alone.

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