Fanatics intimidate and forcibly end prayer meeting, West Bengal

Fanatics intimidate and forcibly end prayer meeting, West Bengal

A mob of 50-religious fanatics, trespassed into a private residence, shouting slogans, intimidating and terrorizing Christians, demanding that the prayer meeting be stopped, 12 kms away from Sarda village, in Purba Medinipur district in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Pastor Bhaba Sankar Nity, heard the call of God on his life, and dedicated his life to serve the Lord. He ministers at Pavitra Aatma Mandali Holy Spirit Fellowship, in Sarda village, Purba Medinipur in West Bengal. Since 2013, he opened up his home for prayer, worship and Bible Study.

On Monday, 22nd April, Pastor Bhaba was invited to thefamily of Bro. Saupan & Sis. Kanchan to have a prayer meeting.

5 other members from the Church accompanied Bhaba, to travel around 12 Kms away from Bhaba residence to this home. Around 5 pm, while the meeting was in progress, religious fanatics from the village, trespassed into the house, demanding that the meeting be stopped with immediate effect.

Shouting slogans and intimidating the Christians gathered, the accused Pastor of indulging in conversion activities. As tensions and decibels began to escalate, Bro. Saupan, the house owner, tried to interject, asking them not to abuse their guests who were blameless and just visiting based on their personal invitation.

In spite of trying to make them understand that they were being unreasonable, the fanatics were ruthless and determined to evict Pastor Bhaba out of the village. The mob of around 50 fanatics, surrounded these Christians, and paraded them to the Bus Stop, ensuring that they left the area.

Once the Bus left the village, the mob returned to the Saupan family, demanding Rs. 2000/- money, alleging that the entry of the Christians in the village had defiled the area and puja needed to be performed at the mandir, to cleanse the village and the temple.

Further, they left threatening the family, never to conduct any prayer meetings at their home in future.

Church please pray for Pastor Bhaba and Bro. Saupan’s family, to continue to be steadfast in their faith walk with Jesus Christ. Pray that the peace of God that surpasseshuman understanding, will continue to abide and use themfor His glory and honour.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 477persecution incidents in 2018, across the 29 states of India. The doors of a multitude of Churches have been sealed and scores arrested on false charges of indulging in conversion activities.

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