Fanatics force Pastor to chant ‘jai sree ram’, detained by police, Uttar Pradesh

Fanatics force Pastor to chant ‘jai sree ram’, detained by police, Uttar Pradesh

Wrongfully detained by the Police, a Pastor was coerced to sign an undertaking, dictated by fanatics and the Police, stating that he will not conduct worship service on Sunday in the future.

Pastor Bablu, a servant of God, has been ministering for the past 11 years, at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, affiliated with the Church of God.

Worship service is conducted at his residence, with over 45 persons gathering every Sunday.

On 25th August, 2019, Sunday Worship took place as usual. At around 1.30 pm, when all the members of the Church had left, religious fanatics trespassed into the Church. They began intimidating the Pastor, falsely accusing him of indulging in religious conversion activities.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Bablu mentioned that the fanatics were unrelenting and very abusive. In the midst of the sloganeering and chants of ‘jai sree ram’, they began forcing Pastor to also chant the same.

However, Pastor vehemently refused to chant ‘jai sree ram’, telling them that it was not biblical.

“I will only take the name of my Parmeshwar (Lord) and no other name”.

Enraged by the Pastor’s response and position, they threatened and warned Pastor of dire consequences that they will not allow him to worship the following Sunday.

After they left Pastor’s residence, only to come back in a few minutes, accompanied with the Police team from Pulbehad Station, who began to interrogate him.

“No one can convert anybody, except God”.

“I have no other role but to speak on the teachings of Jesus Christ and expose people to their sinful ways. It is only God who transforms hearts and lives”.

Listening to Pastor’s statement, the Police Officersrebuked the fanatics for creating conflict and unrest. They told the fanatics that everybody had the right worship.

However, the merciless and ruthless mob were unrelenting and coerced the Police to arrest Pastor, falsely alleging that he was converting people.

From 2 pm to 6 pm, Pastor was detained and faced this humiliating and distressing treatment, with the fanatics shouting and screaming abuses, that the Police soon changed their stance. The fanatics forced the Police to take a written undertaking, that Pastor would not conduct Sunday worship service in the future.

Pastor was finally released at 6 pm after this ordeal.

While Articles 25-28 of the Indian Constitution guarantee the right to freedom of religion to all citizens who all are residing within the territory of India, several Churches are forcibly shut down without any reason provided.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians. Uttar Pradesh recorded 129 incidents. – the most hostile state.

In the first six months of 2019, we have recorded 208incidents of hatecrimes, with 39 incidents from Uttar Pradesh alone.

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