Fanatics allegations of “Black Magic” baseless, Jammu & Kashmir

Fanatics allegations of “Black Magic” baseless, Jammu

Pastor Ashwani Kumar, a Bible College graduate from Punjab, is presently ministering  in Kathua Tehsil of Kathua district, Jammu and Kashmir

Originally from Punjab, Pastor Ashwani is from a tribe called “the Tarkhan” who are a group of Vishwakarma peoples commonly found in the Punjab regions of India.

After miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ in 2008, 26-year-old Pastor went on to study at IPC Bible College at Ludhiana, Punjab. After completing his studies, he felt led by the Lord to minister to pioneer His work in Haltimore village, in Kathua District of Jammu.

On the 22nd of August, he got a call from the Haltimore Police Station from Sub-Inspector Preetam, asking him to come to the Police Station. A false complaint had been lodged alleging that the Pastor was practicing Black Magic. Based on the complaint, the Police arrested him.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Amardeepmentioned that he got a call from Pastor Ashwani narrating the whole story. He then contacted Persecution Relief and asked for help.

Persecution Relief team prayed and encouraged Pastor in the Lord, to have faith in the Living God, who is the maker of heaven and earth. Pastor Amardeep said that he was prompted in his spirit to speak to Persecution Relief team.

A call was made to the local SSP, explaining the truth of the situation. A Police Team was dispatched late in the evening, to investigate the matter. By the grace of God, the claim made by the fanatics was proved wrong as thePolice didn’t find any evidence of criminal wrongdoing orpractice black magic.

Pastor Ashwani was released the next day at around 7am.Continue praying for Pastor Ashwani, to stand strong in spite of being wrongly prosecuted. Pray that he will harbor no bitterness but continue to trust and walk faithfully, serving the Lord, as he is the only person in his family to come to faith in Jesus Christ.  

Praise God for Pastor Amardeep who travelled around 60 kms, to fetch him from the prison and encourage him. The Church in India needs people like Pastor Amardeep who stood with Pastor Ashwani through this ordeal & kind enough to support him in all ways.

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