Falsely accused of conversion, detained by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Falsely accused of conversion, detained by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Pr. Michel Vinoj has been ministering at AG Church, Uttar Pradesh, where nearly 30 believers congregate to worship every Sunday. 

On the 05th August, Pastor Michel Vinoj and Bro. Umesh decided to distribute Bibles near the Haridwar area as they had done in the past. Nearly 1 lakh workers commute to and from this area which has several factories. 

A few angry Hindu Aikyavedi people who found him distributing the Bibles, took hold of him physically and the Bibles, marched him to the police station accusing him of trying to convert people. 

Pastor Vinoj was interrogated by police about his role in distributing Bibles and other Christian literature for nearly 6 hours in police custody, close to midnight. 

“Several times in the past also he has been caught by religious extremists and has been threatened. He has also been taken to the police station for verification many times before. Nothing has dimmed his passion in serving Jesus Christ”, Bro. Alwin Joy recalled. 

Pr. Vinoj has been persecuted in the past and with brutal beatings, nearly 7 times but nothing has stopped him from ministering.

Church pray for God’s supernatural protection over him and his family and his congregation and for the courage to continue to spread God’s word.

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