False allegations & Police complaint to intimidate Pastor, Haryana

False allegations & Police complaint to intimidate Pastor, Haryana

Arch. Bishop Jonathan Ansar called the Founder and informed about the incident Pastor Chhinder Pal was being implicated.

Pastor Chhinder Pal is mistering at ‘Door of Salvation Church, at Fatehabad District of Haryana for several years. Over 500 persons gather every Sunday for worship service.

Sis. Deepthi is a member of this Church and accompanying her on occasion, is her sister Saroj.

Saroj and her husband Ashok, owing to marital dispute, were going through a difficult divorce.

Having learnt that is wife Saroj, was attending Church along with her sister, with the object ofharassing his wife, Ashok decided to enlist the help of religious fanatics, and file a false complaint against Pastor Chhinder Pal, at the local Police Station.

According to the complaint, Ashok claimed that his wife Saroj along with her sister Deepthi and Pastor Chhinder Pal, were forcing him to convert to Christianity. He also falsely accused Pastor of visiting his home and threatening him.

Pastor has denied the accusation stating that hehas never in fact met Ashok.

Finding the situation escalating, with her husband seeking to retaliate at her, through Pastor, Saroj submitted a written application to the Police, clarifying the matter and clearing Pastor’s name from this family crisis.

Narrating the incident, Pastor believes that he hasbecome a target of the religious fundamentalists, because of his ministry and that these fabricated allegations are designed to intimidate him. He affirmed that he has only shared the love of God with others.

Pastor Chhinder has requested the Church for prayers for him, his family, the Church congregation and Sr. Saroj’s family.

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