False allegation of conversion, summoned to Police Station, UP

Pastor Rakesh Kumar Paul and Pastor Dharmendra Kumar is jointly ministering in Kashi Baptist Church, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh since 2004. They have more than 250 believers attending worship.

On 4th January, 2 Policemen visited their home and summoned them to the Nagwa Police Station. Apparently, a complaint had been lodged with the Police that the duo was involved in conversion activities. The Police Officer charged that some religious fundamentalists and neighbours from the locality, had accused the Christians of carrying ‘some conversion activity’ in the guise of a Christmas program. Further, people from the neighborhood had made a representation to the UP-Chief Minister about the same
In fact, prior permission was secured by the Pastors from the Lanka Police Station for the Christmas Program. Nevertheless, the Police insisted that the Pastors give in writing, on their Church stationary, that they were not involved in any conversion activities nor will be in the future.
Police allowed them to leave with a stern warning that his team would be keeping an eye on them and should a complaint be registered, then strong action will be taken.

2 years ago, a false complaint of conversion with money was made against the pastors.
Church pray for the all the men of God who are working in difficult areas for gospel sake, to stay steadfast and faithful to the call upon their lives.

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4 thoughts on “False allegation of conversion, summoned to Police Station, UP”

  1. Is it not a shame on the nation when hundreds of Christians are arrested on charge of conversion Hardly any one of them is proved yet no false accuser is punished

  2. India is Secular, one can practice any religious faith or change it at any time. Forcing not to change or forcing to change is a crime. All threats are criminal offence. May the police understand & do the duty courageously.

  3. There is another Pastor in Hyderabad who was accused of False allegations of conversion during Christmas time. It is Govt who is filming and documnting these false accusations to make their case strongs and prove we are wrong

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